Every year, Pantone chooses a new color that it feels reflects the fashion, beauty, and home décor industries. It should be a color that resonates with people around the world – and it also needs to look great too! It’s an important decision that sends designers and retail stores rushing to stock the magic color.

This year, Pantone has selected Marsala as the color of the year 2015. It’s seductive reddish brown, or, as Pantone describes it “a naturally robust and earthy wine red which enriches our minds, bodies and souls.”


picture courtesy of pantone.com

I’m sure that this color won’t appeal to all of the women in our community. Personally, I’m a much bigger fan of their 2014 selection, Radiant Orchid, which, coincidentally, is pretty darn close to the color that I chose for Sixty and Me. That said, this year’s selection does raise an interesting question.

If you were on Pantone’s color jury, would you have voted for a warm color like orange, red, brown or yellow? Or, would you have gravitated towards a cooler color like blue or purple? Or, do you perhaps think that Pantone made a perfect decision with Marsala?

Even if Marsala doesn’t look perfect with our changing skin and hair color, we always have the option of accessorizing. I for one am going to get in the mood with some beautiful Marsala colored bangles!

Pantone color of the year 2015

picture courtesy of pantone.com

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What colors resonate most with you? What do you think of Panton’s choice of Marsala as the color of the year for 2015? Does their choice mean anything to you? Or, do you prefer to stick to what you like personally? Please share your passion for color in the comments below.

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