In many ways, the first Star Trek series, which aired from 1966-1969 was a representation of our collective consciousness. As a generation, we grew up believing that anything was possible.

As Captain James Kirk (William Shatner) was piloting the U.S.S. Enterprise, the United States was preparing its own moon landing. And, our generation’s fascination wish gadgets and electronic devices was reflected on our TV screens and in the real world.

As we reached adulthood, we felt like explorers. We were ready to take on (and change) the world. Our heroes and favorite TV celebrities represented zeitgeist.

Patrick Steward Picked Up the Torch and Inspired Our Children and Our Generation

Patrick Stewart, who played Captain Jean-Luc Picard in the Star Trek the Next Generation series, inspired our children in the same way that William Shatner’s character inspired ours. But, if I am honest, Patrick Stewart was always my favorite Star Trek captain. So, maybe it isn’t as clean a generational preference as it might appear on the surface.

I can still remember sitting down with my entire family to watch Star Trek the Next Generation. It was one of the few TV shows that my two sons and my husband and I all enjoyed. It was such an event for us that we even cooked popcorn to eat with each episode.

Then, in 1994, Star Trek the Next Generation ended and it felt like an era had come to an end. Not only was our favorite Star Trek Captain retiring, but, my own boys were teenagers and living what felt like lives of their own.

I would have never imagined that Patrick Stewart might return to Star Trek one day… and just in time for me to watch with my grandkids!

Patrick Stewart Disappears… and Reappears?

If, like me, you are a fan of Patrick Stewart, I have some fantastic news! This week, Patrick Stewart shocked the world when he said that he has been asked to return to Star Trek in a new series.

Details regarding the new series, which will air on CBS All Access, are scarce, but, with Patrick Stewart at the helm, the show is guaranteed to be amazing. I can’t wait to watch!

If you love Star Trek and are a Patrick Stewart fan, I highly encourage you to check out this announcement video, which was recorded at Star Trek Las Vegas in 2018. The sound isn’t very loud, so, you may need to turn your speakers up a bit.


I, for one, am so excited that Patrick Stewart will be returning to Star Trek. As I said before, this is the perfect time for me to expose my grandkids to the sense of adventure and boundless optimism that the show represents.

So, let’s welcome Patrick Stewart back to Star Trek!

Did you watch Star Trek, either as a young adult, or, with your children? What was your favorite series? What do you think about Patrick Stewart’s announcement that he will be returning to the show? Let’s have a chat!

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