Not so long ago, the only time when we needed to “pose” was when someone took a photo of us. Older women today interact with technology in so many ways. We talk with our grandchildren on Skype. We take part in family videos. We may be asked to participate in video job interviews. Other women, like me, record videos for our blogs.

With so many new ways to record the important events in their lives, many older women feel a little dissatisfied with how they look on camera. So, to help solve this problem, I talked with celebrity makeup artist Ariane Poole.

You Won’t Want to Miss Ariane’s Professional Makeup Tips for Older Women

In our latest interview, Ariane gives some professional makeup tips for older women that will help you to look great on video and in digital photos. Enjoy the show!

A Camera is NOT a Mirror!

In our interview, Ariane reminds us that how we look in the mirror is not the same as we look on camera. You may look at yourself in the mirror and think that your makeup looks great. But, this doesn’t mean that you will look radiant on camera.

One reason for this is that, when you are on camera, your makeup needs to be a bit stronger and more defined. In our interview, Ariane demonstrates what she means by applying eye shadow, blush and lipstick.

According to Ariane, looking great on video comes down to one thing – definition. To accomplish this, we can use a light foundation, brush our eyebrows into shape and apply blush on the apple of our cheeks. She also recommends that we outline the top of our lip with a liner, before applying a darker shade of lipstick.

Another trick is to choose a lip product that is two shades darker than you are used to. This helps to make sure that your mouth is vibrant and visible. As Ariane points, people are usually looking at your mouth, not your eyes, so, it’s important that this part of your face “pops” a bit.

What to Do if You Get a Little Warm While on Camera

Whether you are filming a television commercial, or chatting with your granddaughter, it’s natural to get a little hot while you’re on film. This is especially true if you take my advice, below, and make sure that you are facing a light source when you are on camera.

Ariane offers a great tip for dealing with the heat when you are being filmed. She recommends having a brush with transparent powder ready, just in case the room is warm. She then demonstrates how to use the powder in her own humorous way. I loved this part of the discussion!

Dealing with Your Discomfort of Being Bolder with Your Makeup

If you aren’t used to seeing yourself on camera, you may feel like your “on camera” makeup is a bit strong. This is almost certainly not the case.

If you are feeling a little nervous, record a short video with your “normal” makeup and another with your “on camera” makeup and play them back.

Even better, show both versions to a friend and ask them which one is more flattering. They will almost certainly say that they like the bolder look on video.

Don’t Forget the Importance of Lighting for Looking Amazing on Video

Since starting Sixty and Me, I’ve recorded hundreds of videos. I still cringe when I look back at my first attempts. Why the heck didn’t anyone tell me about good lighting? I wish that I had realized that, in addition to the makeup techniques that Ariane goes through in our interview, the one thing that you can do to look amazing on camera is to use good lighting.

I find that the simplest approach is to make sure that you are facing a window when you are on video. But, if your desk doesn’t move or the weather is grey, the next best thing is to put a light in front of you. Actually, I use several lights, on either side, to light my face evenly. That said, even a single light is better than nothing!

I hope that you found these tips useful! Please join the conversation below.

If you are ready to take your look to the next level, please check out the exclusive makeup video series that Ariane and I produced earlier. We had so much fun!

Also, don’t forget that you can find all of Ariane’s makeup products, including the ones mentioned in this interview, on her website.

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