Spring is a symbol of renewal. Celebrity artist Ariane Poole has some very cool refreshing makeup ideas to help you find your new spring self. Enjoy the show!


Here are a few spring makeup tips for mature women that I took from my conversation with Ariane.

Pick Your Bouquet of Spring Colors

The perfect, fresh look for spring includes splashes of color in your makeup kit. Ariane suggests combining intense shades with softer, more subtle hues to create a look that pops with your personality and your skin tone.

The Eyes Have It

Blues, greens, and purply lilac colors are perfect for spring and Ariane has great suggestions on the best ways to wear these colors on your eyes. Cream-to-powder products and powder pencils are the perfect tools for achieving this fresh look without making the eyes look heavy or waxy.

Purple is a great color to wear on the eyes because it brings out the color of blue, green, and brown eyes alike. It’s the perfect go-to color for spring. Deep plums, vibrant violets, and soft lilacs can all be used on the eyes to brighten them up and draw attention. Just be sure to avoid shades of purple with red undertones as you don’t want to look like you have been rubbing tired or sore eyes.

If you’re drawn to green, Ariane recommends going for a sea foam green shade such as Sea Smoke Powder Shadow Stick by Estee Lauder. While darker green shades work well for autumn, these light green shades and sparkle and shine to spring looks.

Feeling blue? A shimmering pale blue such as this lovely shade in Bobbi Brown’s Peace Trio is exactly what your eyes need to stand out without looking over-the-top. If you don’t want to go too blue, consider lining the eye with a charcoal, grey, navy, or chocolate brown eye liner to gives your eyes balance.

Soften the Cheeks

If you chose to wear a bright eye color, Ariane recommends selecting another bright color for lips but softer shades for the cheeks. A creamy powder blusher like Ariane’s Glow Cheek Stick is the perfect way to achieve both. A few dots on the cheek will initially look like an intense burst of color, but after lightly rubbing it into the cheek, it blends seamlessly into a soft, glowing shade. Applied directly to the lips, these sticks produce vibrant color.

For longer lasting color, layer a coordinating powder blusher over a cream blusher. The same powder-over-cream layering technique can also be used on the eyes for morning til evening color coverage.

Lighten Up Your Lips

If you’re wanting a light weight, nourishing lip balm that is rich in color, look no further. Clinique’s Chubby Stick comes in an assortment of fresh and fun shades, plus they are infused with mango and shea butters which add a luscious texture to the lips.

Whether you want to play up your eyes, soften up your cheek bones, or bring some luxury to your lips, makeup is a fun way to renew yourself and your personal look. Enjoy being you and have fun!

What are your favorite spring colors? Are you a fan of layering makeup? What other suggestions and ideas do you have for spring makeup? Please join the conversation!

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