So your 60th birthday has come and gone, and with it came so many reasons to start taking life a little easier. Six decades of injuries, illness and just dealing with the demands of each day have taken a toll.

And now you’re living in a body that’s just not as energetic and flexible as it used to be. Your hips have lost their swing, your legs have lost their spring and your balance is shaky at best.

Yet you know the importance of remaining flexible during your golden years — and that high-intensity aerobics and weight training aren’t the answer. But what about yoga?

 If your knee-jerk reaction is “No, I’m definitely not flexible enough,” your knees and your entire body are in for a surprise! It’s called gentle chair yoga. Read on and watch the video to learn more.

Gentle Chair Yoga After 60: An Invitation to Step In       

Because so many older women are facing the same struggle to stay fit as you, Yoga guru and alternative healer Cat Kabira has joined forces with Sixty and Me to create a three-video series of chair yoga video classes. This one focuses on restoring the swing to your hips, the spring to your step and the stability to your balance.

With the help of chair yoga, your difficulties stop being impediments. Instead, they’re a reminder that it’s time to begin reconnecting to your body. As Cat emphasizes in her introduction to the videos:

“… OK, maybe you’ve had a hip replacement. Maybe you’ve had knee surgery. Maybe you’ve had your shoulder dislocated or torn. Maybe you’ve had different things.

Maybe you have a certain disease, something going on. But still, any sort of limitation that we have—and we all have them—is really an invitation to step in.”

Why Isn’t It Cheating?

In “regular “ yoga, using blocks, straps, bolsters or other props to master different poses is perfectly acceptable. The same holds true for a chair. It’s a prop, not a cheat.

Having the support of a chair, in other words, has made yoga accessible to countless people who thought it was beyond their physical abilities.

So whether excessive pounds, shaky balance, stubborn injuries or something else has been holding you back, a chair can help you compensate. Use it when you need it, and set it aside when you don’t.

Chair Yoga for Seniors: A Slower Flow

If you’re new to yoga or struggle to stand or lie down, the slower pace of this video is just what you need. Cat will guide you gently through mindfulness breathing, a series of hip-, leg- and balance-strengthening poses and a refreshing, restorative relaxation period.

And by committing to regular chair yoga practice, she says, “… you may even find that things that you thought were impossible before simply by being… more connected to your body, suddenly you have this ability to maybe even balance without the chair.” For any of us women over 60 who live in dread of falling, what a gift that would be!

Learn yoga from the comfort of your favorite chair! Our chair yoga videos are now FREE to watch on YouTube! Enjoy your practice and help us to spread the word!

In what ways could your fitness program benefit from chair yoga? Have you already tried it? If so, what tips can you share with newcomers? Please join the conversation!

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