“Family members, friends, and neighbors devote countless hours to providing care to their relatives or loved ones. During National Family Caregivers Month, we recognize and thank the humble heroes who do so much to keep our families and communities strong.” – President Barack Obama, NFC Month Proclamation 2012.

More and more, baby boomers are assuming the responsibility of caring for their aging parents. Barbara Wessels, 68, has been a caregiver all her life. She raised a family with a child with special needs and has been caring for her 93-year-old mom, Lupe for the past year. Barbara understands first-hand the emotional and physical toll taking care of a loved one can take and the importance of seeking respite.

A Special Award, Just For Caregivers

The not-for-profit educational travel organization Road Scholar offers $1,300 grants for caregivers to help eliminate cost as a barrier to participating in a learning adventure. Available in 50 states, the programs provide a warm, inclusive community that all Road Scholars enjoy.

Barbara decided to do something out of the ordinary in 2016; she applied for a Road Scholar Caregiver Grant and decided to take her grandson, Oscar, on an Intergenerational learning adventure to Mount Rushmore.

“I’m so grateful that I was able to have this experience and hopefully I can do it again next year with my granddaughter who lives in Port St. Lucie,” Barbara says.  “It’s an amazing way to re-energize and spend time with grandchildren. The difference with Road Scholar compared to other travel options is that the emphasis is on learning and moving and not wasting any time.”

November has been designated National Family Caregivers Month in order to raise awareness of family caregiver issues, educate family caregivers about identifying themselves accurately and increasing support for family caregivers. Road Scholar currently awards Caregiver Grants to individuals who are caring for or who have previously cared for a family member or loved one.

Why Apply For A Road Scholar Grant?

Participating in a Road Scholar educational adventure is a special experience of learning and community. The programs are a wonderful way to feel revitalized, to make new friends and to spark creativity and intellectual curiosity. It is a unique Road Scholar experience that could be especially helpful for caregivers who are experiencing isolation and feelings of depression, stress and anxiety.

Who Is Eligible For A Family Caregiver Grant?

You’re an eligible caregiver if…

  • Your loved one is receiving Home Care, Hospice, visiting nurse, LPN services, or comparable or related services.
  • Your loved one is in Hospice, Adult Day Care, Memory-care, Nursing Home or comparable or related facility.
  • You lost a loved one within the past two years who was in any of the above situations.
  • You live in the United States and are 50 years of age or older.

Here are a few questions and answers…

How Much is The Award?

The Caregiver Grant is an award of up to $1,300 applied to the cost of a Road Scholar program. Road Scholar only asks that you pay a $100 deposit, to ensure your spot in the program.

Can I Use The Grant for Any Road Scholar Program?

The grants are only available for our programs in the United States that cost no more than $1,400.

What’s Included in Road Scholar Programs?

We take care of everything. Lodging, meals, field trips, transportation during your program and much more — it’s all included.

Can I Go by Myself?

Yes! Solo travelers love our learning adventures for the warm and welcoming camaraderie.

What About Getting There?

The Caregiver Grant is applied to the cost of your program only. It does not cover the cost of transportation to and from your program.

These grants will be available until they are all awarded.

If you are caring for an ill loved one and are interested in learning more about Road Scholar’s Caregiver Grant program, please visit the Road Scholar website.

Click here to learn first hand the impact a Road Scholar Grant had on a family caregiver.

To apply for the Road Scholar Caregiver Grant, please visit this section of the Road Scholar website.

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