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Harnessing the Power of Essential Oils for Skin Care after 50

By Shanna Bynes Bradford January 10, 2024

As we age, our skin naturally undergoes changes. It becomes thinner, loses fat, and no longer looks as plump and smooth as it once did. However, aging doesn’t mean you have to give up on having beautiful, radiant skin. With the right care and products…

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Essential Oils for Glowing Face: What’s in a Formula?

By Sheena Nancy Sarles November 13, 2023

The seasons are changing and, for those of us entering the colder climates, this is a time to assess the best products for our particular skin. Essential oils offer a variety of topical applications to meet your needs. The first consideration…

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Exploring the Surprising Benefits of Essential Oils for Your Mind

By Sally Wong December 09, 2022

Essential oils have garnered a lot of attention lately for their powerful health benefits. You may have come across essential oils being sold in shopping centers, and thought, “Well, they smell good, but do they really have any powers…

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How to Choose Essential Oils to Clean and Disinfect Your Air at Home

By Kathleen Cumberland December 30, 2021

With all the latest information about Covid-19 in the news, we may be spending more time at home away from work, crowds, or even school. The EPA says we normally spend about 90% of our time indoors…

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Cooking with Essential Oils and Doing Good

By Ilene Mitnick June 20, 2021

Eating is my passion and I take it seriously. I love cooking, but I’m passionate about being cooked for, so I’m supremely grateful my wife is an amazing home cook. Every time I devour one of her gastronomic gems, or even when we’re out restaurant…

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11 Essential Oils to Clean and Freshen Your Air at Home – Plus They Just Smell GREAT!

By Sixty and Me April 25, 2020

One thing that has become so clear to us over the last few weeks is that our home environments can have a huge impact on our health and happiness. Even small changes, like adding plants to our homes, or using essential oils to freshen the air, can make a huge difference. So, today, I want […]

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How to Make Your Own Essential Oil Blend for Mature Skin (Recipe)

By Kathleen Cumberland February 21, 2023

With all the wonderful natural facial serums on the market today, it can be a little overwhelming choosing the correct formula with safe, non-toxic ingredients, all at a reasonable price. The good news is that it’s easy and fun to make a quality product…

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4 Essential Types of Exercise for a Healthy Heart

By Aubrey Reinmiller February 16, 2023

February is the month of love! One of the best ways we can show ourselves and our loved ones love is by taking good care of our body and our heart. 80% of heart disease is preventable according to the American Heart Association…

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15 Quick Tips for Using Essential Waters to Soothe Your Body and Mind

By Barbara Klein April 12, 2022

In my previous article, Discovering Hydrosols, I covered the production and cautions of essential oils (EO) and hydrosols, a type of aromatic water, also known as essential waters. Now I am following up with a variety of ways to use these related products…

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Now More Than Ever Becoming Your Own Health Advocate Is Essential

By Anthony Cirillo March 15, 2022

Healthcare staffing is experiencing a pandemic of its own. Hospitals and long-term care are understaffed, and people continue to resign as they look for new career options. With uncertainty in healthcare, the patient experience suffers…

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