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Paying for Long-Term Care: The Life Insurance and Annuity Alternatives

By Peter Keers June 18, 2022

Many people think about dedicated long-term care insurance as the only way insurance can pay for long-term care. However, life insurance and annuities provide alternatives also…

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Long-Term Care Insurance: Let’s Cover the Basics

By Peter Keers May 13, 2022

Shopping for long-term care insurance can be a complex process. There are many “moving parts,” so consumers need to educate themselves on finding the right policy for their situation. Think carefully about what you want out of a long-term care…

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Paying for Long-Term Care: Government Programs

By Peter Keers March 02, 2022

In my last Sixty and Me blog, Paying for Long-Term Care: What Are the Options? I noted there are three sources of money to pay for long-term care: Your own money, government sources, and Insurance. This blog will cover more details about using…

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Paying for Long-Term Care: What Are the Options?

By Peter Keers February 05, 2022

In my last Sixty And Me blog, Do You Need a Long-Term Care Plan? I noted there are three sources of money to pay for long-term care: your own money, government sources and insurance. Let’s look at the options we have when it comes to long-term care…

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Do You Need a Long-Term Care Plan?

By Peter Keers January 03, 2022

Financial planning for retirement frequently ignores a huge subject area: planning for potential long-term care costs. Studies show that well over half of today’s 60-year-olds will eventually require some sort of long-term care. Yet, only about half of us…

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A Guide to Medicare, Medicaid, Medigap and Long-Term Care Insurance

By Jessica Thomas September 11, 2020

The cost of medical care can be financially crippling for many Americans. This is one reason why many people experience extreme stress thinking about how they will be able to afford necessary medical care…

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Can Long-Term Friendships Endure in Later Life?

By Alexandra Kathryn Mosca February 10, 2024

Our girlfriends see us through the best and worst of life. In times of heartbreak, failure, and success, they are there for us. We share each other’s innermost secrets and celebrate special times together. These relationships, which can be so essential…

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Unraveling Medicare’s Home Healthcare Coverage

By James Cruz May 20, 2023

When it comes to healthcare, we all want to be in control of our own lives – but sometimes, health issues can make that seem impossible. Luckily, Medicare offers coverage for home healthcare, which can help you or your loved ones maintain independence…

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Granny Cams and Care Homes – Should You? Can You?

By Anthony Cirillo March 17, 2023

I was watching the news recently and heard that a local group here in the Charlotte, NC area, Seniors of Urban Living, was pushing North Carolina state lawmakers to sponsor a bill allowing families to monitor their loved ones in nursing home…

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9 Ways Solo Agers Can Create a Care Plan that Really Works

By Carol Marak February 23, 2023

In a previous article, Building an Aging Alone Plan, I pointed out that living alone as we get older doesn’t support optimal health. And, if we’re smart, we’re building a strategy to create support and close ties. Another common theme…

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