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Can You Still Enjoy or Play Music If You Suffer Hearing Loss?

By Patrick O'Malley March 18, 2021

Does a loss of hearing prevent you from listening to or playing a musical instrument? It’s a question I hear all the time. The answers can be quite surprising, but before we jump in too far, let’s examine the phenomenon of hearing loss…

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Finding Your Tunes After 60: 3 Music Options You Can Enjoy Anytime, Anywhere

By Judi Jacobs December 04, 2020

The holidays (whatever your version), the New Year, family gatherings, end of the year festivities, all make me think about setting a mood. Music is an integral part of ambiance, emotion, celebration, and motivation…

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Reducing Stress in Your 60s: Capturing a Moment of Rest Through Music

By Mary Sue Wilkinson November 21, 2020

Have you ever been so tired that a stop light seemed like a blessing? You close your eyes for just a second and take a deep breath, trying to catch a wisp of the tiniest second – or maybe third wind? Years ago, when I was starting a school…

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What Living in Mexico Has Taught Me About the Power of Music

By Kerry Baker September 15, 2020

The first soldiers killed in battle are the musicians, for music’s power to inspire. It can change a person’s mood in minutes. It can give form to otherwise incoherent, nascent feelings. Music can take years off a world-weary spirit…

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Stop Being So Serious! Let Music and Dance Lead You to Awesome Aging!

Dancing is an upper for me. If I am driving and oldies are playing, my fingers are tapping on the steering wheel. I am in sync with my bebopping shoulders. At a concert, don’t expect me to be sitting down if some great rocking tunes fill the air. Read More

Is Now the Best Time to Learn a Musical Instrument?

By Patrick O'Malley May 02, 2020

We have all seen our lives change due to the Coronavirus. Whether we are in lockdown, observing reduced contact with others (social distancing), or even just pondering the effects…

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4 Powerful Benefits of Learning a Musical Instrument After 50

By Margaret Manning August 30, 2019

When you think of a “typical” music student, you might picture a 7-year-old girl, sitting nervously in front of a piano, her tiny fingers resting lightly on the keys. Several decades ago, you may have even been that little girl…

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It’s a Family Affair for Rita Wilson as She Performs at Stagecoach Country Music Festival

By Sixty and Me May 08, 2019

Rita Wilson, 62, is no stranger to standing by her husband, Tom Hank’s side at the myriad of events and premieres that he attends. However, this past week, it was Hanks and the couple’s two children…

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Can Music Make Your Aging Parents Less Cranky? You Won’t Know Until You Try!

By Mary Sue Wilkinson April 16, 2019

“Am I a bad daughter?” My friend Melissa asks this question often.

Frankly, her mom is… well… difficult. And Melissa is often left wondering if she could “do better” so her mom wouldn’t be so… challenging. Read More

Magical Music: Hospice Nurse Sings Patient Back to Health

By Sixty and Me November 22, 2018

We listen to music for a variety of different reasons – for pure enjoyment, to relax and unwind, to fuel our workouts, to create a certain mood, to help with focus and productivity – the list of reasons for listening to music is seemingly endless. Read More