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7 Best Photography Tours for Women Over 50 – Capture Memories Around the World

By Sandra Roussy December 07, 2023

Photography is a timeless journey of discovery and self-expression in a world painted with countless hues and framed by endless horizons. For adventurous mature women with a passion for photography, this stage of life gifts us with the time to go deeper…

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5 Travel Photography Tips for Beginners

By Karin van Mierlo July 12, 2023

Travelling is one of the greater joys in life. The pictures we take during our trips are oftentimes the only tangible memories we have of that unique experience. Knowing a little more than how to push the button can make those tangible memories a joy…

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5 Mindful Photography Ideas to Get You in a State of Flow

By Karin van Mierlo September 16, 2022

Mindfulness is about slowing down, being fully present in the moment, and receiving that moment. The exact same words apply to the process of making photographs. For me, to photograph is to be fully present in the moment…

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Say Cheese! August 19 is World Photography Day

By Sixty and Me August 04, 2017

Cameras have changed drastically throughout the years but the love of taking photos has not. Capturing a moment in time and preserving it for generations to come has become an art form that ignites passion and inspiration in people of all ages. Read More

Ten 60th Birthday Celebration Ideas

By Sixty and Me March 25, 2024

Stepping into your 60s is a remarkable milestone, and what better way to mark this chapter than by celebrating with a birthday experience that goes beyond the usual gifts? As you turn the page on another year, it’s time to discover a world of unique…

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5 Unorthodox Ways to Relieve Stress That You May Not Have Tried

By Cynthia Hogg March 21, 2024

Wars, inflation, climate change… all on top of our own personal problems and challenges. No wonder we so often feel stressed! Most of us have tried the standard remedies: meditation, yoga, deep breathing, listening to music… the list goes on…

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9 Fun Part-Time Jobs for Retirees that Anyone Can Do

By Margaret Manning March 21, 2024

Women over 60 are no strangers to hard work. Most of us have worked all our lives, whether it’s at a full-time job or caring for children or for aging parents. But as we approach retirement age, many older women are starting to think about…

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6 Ways to Grow Your God-Given Talents – for Yourself and for Others

By T. Kari Mitchell March 10, 2024

What are your strengths? What are you really good at? Have people praised you when you’ve used a particular skill? What can you do easily that others find challenging? If you have trouble answering these questions…

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6 Musts Baby Boomers Need to Consider When New to Online Dating

By Michelle Hill February 20, 2024

It seems like at every stage of life we say, “Well, they’re at that age.” Whether it’s teething, or asking why every five seconds, or moodiness, or midlife blues, or reinventing ourselves. In our 60s, we’re at that age where we often find ourselves newly divorced…

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9 Fun Indoor Adventures to Beat the Winter Doldrums

By Patty Grasher February 07, 2024

If you are a bit tired of “Let it snow, let it snow” or “Raindrops keep falling on your head,” it might be time to bring some virtual sunshine into your day. Join me with a steaming cup of coffee or stir a bit of honey into a cup of tea and let’s get started…

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