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5 Ways Inadequate Sleep Can Undermine Your Weight Loss Efforts After 60

By  •  June 2, 2020

Do you have some days when you feel hungry all day, no matter what you eat? That might be because you didn’t get enough sleep the night before.  Read More

4 Power Foods That Can Lift Your Spirits After 60 – Say Bye-Bye to Gaining Weight!

By  •  March 22, 2020

Who among us hasn’t reached for a fatty bowl of ice cream or a double chocolate brownie when feeling anxious? We all know how good either of these can make us feel. Those initial feelings of pure pleasure, the cool creaminess of the ice cream on your tongue…
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Shed 10 Pounds in 10 Minutes? What to Do if You’re Struggling to Lose Weight After 60

By  •  March 6, 2020

Sounds impossible, right?! Wrong! It’s very possible. Let me explain …

As we grow older and our body takes on different forms and dimensions (we become shape shifters), we may continue to dress as we always have, not realising it just doesn’t work anymore. Read More

11 Small-Step Ideas for Healthy Weight Loss After 60

By  •  February 28, 2020

No matter our age, it’s hard not to think about how 5 or 10 fewer pounds might make us happy. It can mean the difference in a dress size. It can be a boost to self-esteem. Read More

9 Behavior Patterns of Healthy Senior Weight Loss: Forget Diets, Think Behavior!

By  •  February 7, 2020

“Thin behavior” has fascinated me for years. I just don’t get it. I don’t mean the kind of behavior where skinny kids squeezed through fence slats in the alley, or where my teenaged friends stretched thin, nubile bodies on the beach at Shady Oak Lake as I huddled on my towel. Read More

There’s Real Hope for Intermittent Fasting as a Weight Loss Technique for Older Women

By  •  February 2, 2020

By now, if you are a foodie or dieter, the term „ Intermittent fasting” has likely crossed your path. It’s a term that describes several types of fasting, but first, a word or two about this practice…
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4 Reasons You May Have a Hard Time Losing Weight as You Age

By  •  January 27, 2020

It’s essential for older adults to prioritize maintaining a healthy weight as they age but, clearly, many are struggling to comply with lifestyle changes that make this possible. Read More

Ladies, Start Your Engines! Supercharged Nutrition for Weight Loss After 60

By  •  January 23, 2020

Loosing weight is a struggle for most women, but once we turn 60 it often feels impossible. While our bodies change, our eating habits should, too. Join us in discussion with registered dietitian Ashley Koff who will explain what we need to focus on as we journey to be the healthiest versions of ourselves. Enjoy the show! Read More

Losing Weight After 60 is Possible! Just Get Rid of These 8 Things

By  •  January 10, 2020

Many women are trying to lose weight after 60. Unfortunately, with nature playing tricks on our metabolisms, it feels like we have to work twice as hard to move those pounds. Most of us have found out that diets don’t work and green tea, despite its many health benefits…
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5 Reasons Older Women Should Lift Weights

By  •  December 30, 2019

Many older women think weightlifting is for men, or (at the very least) for younger women. However, the benefits of weightlifting for older women are striking…
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