Sharon Stone has never been known for being shy. At speaking at Marie Claire’s recent Power Trip event in San Francisco, the Hollywood star was excited to speak out about a number of topics that were important to her including changing the world, the #metoo movement, raising boys, and being a single mom.

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While many female voices in Hollywood have cried out for swift action and tough punishment against the myriad of men facing sexual harassment trials in recent months, Stone opted instead to speak out for due process, education, and a shift in perspective.

“Maybe… it wasn’t even true, because we didn’t have due process. Not every single one of these guys is guilty, and some of these crimes are 30, 35 years old.” “Who knew what we were supposed to do,” she continued. “And who had anyone to talk to- including the men? The men have been raised to do different things. What are we going to do- go back and arrest people for smoking on an airplane? We have to, at some point, start the educational process of ‘you don’t smoke on an airplane.’”

Stone says she tries to speak openly and honestly about sexual assault and misconduct with her own three sons, ages 12, 13, and 18. She hopes that by being open and honest, by telling her own stories of molestation and assault, by listening to her sons and answering their questions, she will help them learn how to set and respect boundaries.

Men are not the only ones Stone sees in need of a shift in their thinking. The outspoken actress was happy to discuss what she sees as an area that women need to re-explore and re-think: politics.

“I’m not really positive politics is the way forward,” Stone said. “I think we’ve reached a tipping point in politics in general, and I think that women can lead in a million ways where politics can become actually less important. I think there are other things, other kinds of positions that we can create in the world that don’t even exist right now. And I think we have to decide what these positions are going to be. And I think we have voices that haven’t even thought about being heard yet. I think we are just emerging in a new way.”

The 60-year-old actress, producer, and activist references what she calls “the knowing self”- that gut instinct that should never be ignored, as she explains what she finds most important.

In her call to arms, Stone concluded, “It’s not wrong to be a woman, it’s not wrong for men to be men. It’s wrong not to have boundaries, it’s wrong not to be intelligent, it’s wrong not to use your knowing self. You have to. Use your knowing self and get things done. You don’t have to be a politician, you have to be in your knowing self. Do what you need to get done.”

Do you think women will have more effect in bringing change to the world through politics or other kinds of positions as Sharon Stone suggests? What would you wish to tell young men regarding the social epidemic of sexual harassment? Join the conversation!

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