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Skipping Your Eyeliner? You’re Missing Out on the Best of Makeup for Women Over 60!

By Sixty and Me June 08, 2019 Makeup and Fashion

Our eyes are the windows to our souls. They are also one of the first things that people notice about us. As a result, there are millions of makeup products designed to make people’s eyes look brighter and fresher.

However, women over 60 years old may be afraid to pull out that eyeliner as the skin and shape of their eyes have changed as they age.

Ariane Poole, a celebrity makeup artist, joins us in our discussion to prove that eyeliner makeup for women over 60 is still very much relevant. Watch the video for great tips in using eyeliner to achieve a vibrant look!

In the video, Ariane explains that women tend to shy away from eyeliner as they get older. This is because the application techniques they were so used to during their 20s to 40s is no longer serving them well. However, eyeliner can be a great way to bring back definition to our eyes if applied correctly.

Choosing Eyeliner Type and Color

Ariane reminds us that we are free to use any type of eyeliner, be it pencil, gel, liquid or felt-tip. However, the eyeliner should glide smoothly onto your skin without having to apply any pressure. If you find that you have to drag harshly across your skin to apply the eyeliner, it is time to get a new one.

Black eyeliner may appear too harsh on women with fairer skin tone. Instead, a gray eyeliner will be more suitable for everyday wear. Women with darker skin tone can opt for black eyeliner as it looks less harsh.

Of course, there are no fixed rules when it comes to makeup. On occasions when you want to look a little more glamorous, feel free to whip out that black eyeliner! Be bold to experiment with other colors such as purple and navy as well. You will be surprised to find one that suits you well!

Applying Eyeliner on Eyelids

Now that you have your eyeliner ready, hold a magnifying mirror – or any mirror you are comfortable with using – under your chin. If you are using a pencil eyeliner, the pencil tip should be sharpened, but not too pointy.

Look down towards the mirror so that your eyelids are halfway closed, but you are still able to look at your eyelids in the mirror.

makeup for Older Women Applying Eyeliner on Eyelids

Hold your eyeliner horizontally without pointing it directly at your face. Then, simply apply the liner across your lids, stopping shy of the end of your eyelashes. Applying eyeliner too far beyond the lashes will cause your eyes to look droopy instead of uplifted.

Avoid tugging at the corner of your eyes when you apply eyeliner, as upon releasing the skin, the drawn line may become skewed due to crinkles setting in.

Applying Eyeliner Below the Eyes

To apply eyeliner below your eyes, hold up a mirror in front of you, and position the eyeliner vertically under your eyes. Gently apply it under your eyes… and you are done!

Makeup for Older Women Applying Eyeliner Below the Eyes

Bonus Makeup for Mature Women Tips

If you do not want a defined line on your lids, you can use your fingertips or a cotton bud to gently rub the eyeliner to achieve a soft blur effect. You can also opt for eyeshadow and creamy gels instead of an eyeliner. Remember, you can experiment with different products to find what suits you most!

Ariane also shares with us an interesting tip to apply eyeliner on the inside of your upper lids.

First, apply eyeliner on your bottom waterline. Then, squeeze your eyes tight for a few seconds to allow the product to transfer to the inside of your upper lids. Voila! You are good to go!

Ultimately, as Margaret sums up, makeup is meant to be fun! Older women can certainly use eyeliner makeup to achieve the look that they want. So do not be afraid to put on some eyeliner the next time you head out!

Do you face issues when applying eyeliner? Do you have any tips to share when applying eyeliner makeup? What other makeup tips can you share with your sisters? Share your thoughts with us in the conversation below!

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