We all know that our skin changes as we get a little older. It tends to become dryer, uneven or blotchy. As a result, many older women, including myself, tend to wear foundation all the time. But, what happens when the weather gets warmer? That’s right! Out foundation vanishes!

Here Are Ariane’s Summer Makeup Tips for Older Women

To help solve this problem, I turned to makeup artist, Ariane Poole. In our interview, she explains that warmer weather calls for lighter foundation and offers some practical makeup application tips. Enjoy the video!


People think you buy foundation and it’s for all season long. But you don’t buy shoes that are for all season long – you buy boots for winter and sandals for summer.

It’s the same kind of thing. In summer, you don’t need foundation that’s as heavy and hydrating as in the summer months. It’s the winter months, when we have central heating on, when we need hydrating foundation.

In the summer months there’s much more humidity in the air and that causes our foundation and tinted moisturizers evaporate. They just vanish. It’s really frustrating because you want to look your best. You put effort into it; you want it to last longer than 5-10 minutes.

What I would suggest – investigate primers, there are many out there. One primer isn’t suitable for everyone. It depends on your skin type, for example, some women over 60 still have oily complexion. When you come to a makeup counter, you may need a hydrating primer, or one that’s a bit mattifying in the t-zone. Look for one that’s suitable for your skin type.

You might want to switch your heavier foundation to a CC cream. CC creams have quite good coverage. They provide better coverage than tinted moisturizers but they’re more lightweight than a foundation. So in the summer months this can be something to look for.

If you are looking for more coverage – add some concealer in the areas you need, for example, age spots.


So what you are basically saying is – lighten up your foundation, in winter and in summer, but especially in the summer months. Use a primer that is going to help that foundation stay in place. And maybe go little bit heavier than a tinted moisturizer to a CC cream which has more substance to it. That’s for women who are fans of foundation, who wear foundation all the time.

Is there any way to apply foundation for it to stay longer… using sponges or a foundation brush?


Doing it with a foundation brush is definitely a better way, especially in the summer months because when your hands become warm, you tend to go blotchy. If you use a foundation brush, you don’t have that. Apply a little at a time instead of applying a big blob of foundation and trying to spread it around. Pick a little amount and then you can just build it up with a brush.


What about powder in the summer, would you put powder on top of the foundation just to keep it in place?


You can put powder just in the t-zone where you get a little shiny, not all over your face. You don’t want to look too matte in summer because of how the sun hits your face – it doesn’t work very well.


Summer basically calls for lighter foundation applied with a brush. Also, try using a CC cream. We actually have a video on CC creams – people may not know about them, they also have SPF in them. There are some really good brands out there.

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What light weight foundation do you use in the summer? Did you agree or disagree with Ariane Poole’s makeup tips for older women? Please join the conversation.

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