If you believe the pictures in magazines, there are apparently women out there with perfect skin – but most of us aren’t in that group! You should never feel the need to wear makeup as a rule, but for some of us, it can put a bit of a pep in our step as we go about our day.

If you are looking for a few quick tricks to perfect your not-completely-flawless skin, you will really enjoy today’s video with Ariane Poole!

Professional makeup artist Ariane Poole joins Margaret Manning in today’s Sixty and Me video to demonstrate her tips for blending your way to picture-perfect skin.

When To Use Concealer

To be clear, if you have rosacea and age spots and could care less about them there is no inference you have to cover them up. More often than not, we are the ones deciding whether something is an imperfection.

As Ariane says, “No-one sees your flaws except you.” If you wear concealer, it should only be about making yourself more comfortable in what Margaret calls a confidence switch. “Makeup is not to hide anything, it’s to switch on a light inside of you to negate any fear you might have,” Margaret explains.

Makeup after 50 is about having fun and experimenting with new looks and certainly not about looking a certain way to please others!

The First Step In Makeup For Older Women

The first step really depends on the season. It’s important to make sure your skin is always well moisturized; however, it’s even more critical if you live in a harsh climate or it’s the middle of winter.

Moisturizer will be the first step in any routine for makeup after 50, and Ariane follows this with her Ultimate Face Tint. If you are looking for heavier coverage, you can use a foundation instead, although, Ariane recommends using clay-based foundations for oilier skin types, and avoiding creamy foundations. It’s always important to invest in a foundation that suits you best – as the name suggests, it forms the basis of how the rest of your makeup will sit on your skin!

The Tougher Spots

For some of us, a good face tint or foundation will be enough to do the trick. However, age spots and pigmentation can be a little tougher to cover up and will need some more effort.

Ariane recommends investing in a concealer palette that has many different colors in the same tone as they can be used to cover up spots or marks of different colors. Arian uses the Dermacolor Camouflage Creme Mini-palette with a concealer brush, mixing the different colors to find the right shade to dab over these stubborn spots.

Go Easy On The Eyes!

Most of us are aware that the eye area is delicate and more care needs to be taken when applying cosmetics or creams. Due to the thinner skin in this area, concealer tends to be too heavy leading to creases in folds – something we avoid in makeup for older women!

To get around this, Ariane recommends using a lighter concealer product with brightening or highlighting factors such as a mineral illuminating pen. Using a color that is close to your skin tone, you can even apply it gently to your upper eyelids instead of eyeshadow, and it will give a brightening effect!

Do you cover up age spots and blemishes? What is your favorite concealer for makeup over 50? Do you moisturize before applying makeup? Let’s have a conversation!

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