Improving Credit Rating

2 months ago

Money Is Energy, or How I Paid My $60,000 Credit Card Debt

While we all have perspectives and beliefs and emotions tied up in our thoughts about money, bottom line (pun intended) is, money is just energy. It isn’t positive or negative, it isn’t good or bad, honorable or evil. It’s just energy…

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3 months ago

4 Better Alternatives to Using Your Retirement Savings to Pay Off Debt

It is never advisable to use your retirement savings for anything other than its intended purpose, unless you have to. It is never a good idea to risk not being able to take care of yourself in retirement to save your credit score and pay off debts…

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7 months ago

How to Decide on Taking Out a Payday Loan or Borrowing from Your 401(k)

Dealing with a financial mess can be difficult. But borrowing money from the wrong source can exacerbate the situation. When it comes to your 401(k) savings, your goal should be to let that money grow to have funds for retirement…

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