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2 months ago

Perceived Value and Why It Is Important to Those After 50

Perceived value, by definition, is a consumer’s perception of the value of a product or service and its ability to meet their needs. Every day, in my various blogging groups, I hear from women who are hesitant to charge for the goods or services they create…

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9 months ago

7 Offbeat Jobs That Can Make You a Buck After 60

2020 is winding down, and all I can say is good riddance! I cannot recall a bleaker year. Like me, your job may have either gone POOF! or you are sitting by your phone waiting for that come-on-back call. I may be over 60, but I still get a thrill…

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10 months ago

9 Practical Tips on How to Self-Publish a Book for Free

My friend, Tom, managed to self-publish his book for free. I, unfortunately, did not. In this article, I’ll reveal how he did it as well as how much I spent to arrive at the same destination – published author. Read More

11 months ago

How to Write A Memoir – From Free Writing to Manuscript

In this time of shelter-in-place, many of us have turned to gardening, baking, or writing to help us stay focused and grounded. I have done all of those things, but mostly I write. Writing is how I make meaning out of seemingly meaningless…

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