Even if you love the holidays, there is no doubt that this time of the year can be a little stressful. Those of us who are lucky enough to have friends and family close at hand have lots of planning to do… and those of us who live a little further away are dealing with stress of a different kind. So, today, I want to offer a few suggestions for taking the stress out of the holidays. I’d also love to hear how you deal with holiday stress! Come join us for a cup of tea (or coffee) and a chat. And, if you enjoy the show, please tell one friend about us today. Your support means so much to me!

Looking for Christmas gift ideas? Here’s what the other women over 60 in our community said they really want from their friends and family!

Do you enjoy this time of the year? Why or why not? What do you do to deal with holiday stress? Please join the conversation and tell one other woman about Sixty and Me today. The more the merrier!

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