Are you beginning to tire of the Holiday Rat-Race? Sick of hearing how many more shopping days until Christmas? Take this Christmas Cheer Continuum Calculator to see whether you’re more Christmas Elf or Grinch.

When you saw holiday decorations hung before Thanksgiving, did you:

A. Gleefully anticipate the joys of the coming holidays?

B. Wish they’d wait until after you finished up your leftover turkey?

C. Bellyache about the horrendous task of decorating that looms ahead?

D. Roll your eyes and wish you lived somewhere that has no Santa Claus?

On the day after Thanksgiving, did you:

A. Stand in line at Best Buy for discounted techno-gear?

B. Slip downtown to get in on Black Friday sales?

C. Shop online to avoid the crowds?

D. Take a hike in the woods to get away from it all?

About how much do you spend on gifts for each person?

A. Sky’s the limit! Christmas is about PRESENTS!

B. I try to stay under a hundred whenever possible.

C. Well under 50, with a lot of handmade gifts. It’s the thought that counts.

D. I don’t buy anything to support this commercialized mania.

When was the last time you visited Santa?

A. I still go every year. His cushy lap makes me so nostalgic!

B. When my kids were little. It was pretty sweet.

C. So long ago I can’t remember.

D. Santa? That windbag? He’s probably a street person the rest of the year. Cooties!

How much baking do you do for the holidays?

A. I bake at least ten kinds of cookies, along with lefse and holiday bread.

B. I still do a few kinds of cookies, under duress.

C. As little as possible. I prefer to spend my calories on Tom & Jerrys.

D. Baking? Bah, humbug!

What’s your favorite part of Christmas?

A. I love everything: baking, family, shopping, wrapping gifts, church…

B. I like being with the family and following our traditions.

C. I like getting what I asked for.

D. I like when it’s all over with and life can get back to normal.

Give yourself three points for each A answer, two for each B, one for each C, and zero for each D. So,

A = 3 points

B = 2 points

C = 1 point

D = 0 points

If your score was:

14-18: You’re a holiday-obsessed fruitcake.

You’ll always be giddy no matter what, and this season just gives you lots to do in your frenzied effort to have a great time. Of course, you make everyone else’s Christmas a little brighter, too. Enjoy!

9-13: You’re a down-to-earth Season Savorer.

People like you make Christmas a pleasant, warm season. So, who needs frenetic activity and huge gifts? You’ll always have a genuine, warm holiday because you’ve got the right attitude. Way to go!

4-8: You’re precariously close to being a Grinch.

There’s still hope for you, though, so take the time to hang a few decorations, write a card or two, and hang some mistletoe. Heck, it’s Christmas only once a year, you know!

0-3: You’re a Holiday Humbug Hopeless Scrooge.

You might as well find yourself a hole to hide in from Thanksgiving to New Years and hope someone drops down a little turkey and dressing to keep you ticking. Do you suppose you might be exaggerating the gloom and doom of the season? Get a copy of Dickens’ A Christmas Carol and read it – carefully.

What do you like most and least about the holiday season? What are some pleasant and not so pleasant memories from Christmases past? How are you spending Christmas and New Years’ this year? Please share below!

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