Do you think going on holiday by yourself sounds, well, frankly, a little sad? Is being a solo traveller safe in today’s crazy world? What about the dreaded single person supplement which forces you to pay extra for the solo trip?

All this seems to have become history as people have discovered how liberating a solo holiday can be and how much you can find out about yourself.

Perceptions have changed over the years as new research has shown that more and more mature travellers are choosing to go solo.

So, here are our top facts about the rise of solo travelling.

Singles Holidays Are on the Rise

The biggest surge in demand for singles holidays is coming from the over 50s traveller.

Recent research has shown that numbers of travellers going on a singles holiday are on the rise. In an analysis of over 100,000 the findings revealed that the biggest surge in demand can be found in the over 50s with the average age of solo travellers being 54. This may come as a surprise to those who picture a 20-something group backpacker!

21 % of Solo Travellers are Aged 65+

A staggering 21 per cent of UK holidaymakers who choose to travel alone are over the age of 65, according to the Association of British Travel Agents. In today’s world, retirees pursue an active lifestyle and indulge in more hobbies leading to a happier and healthier life after retirement, making it the perfect time to start exploring the world!

Even People in Relationships Are Deciding to Go on Solo Holidays

In our 18 years experience we find that our solo travellers choose to travel alone for a variety of reasons. At Flavours, we find our guests book a solo holiday because a spouse doesn’t share an interest or they simply want to get back in touch with who they are.

It puts everything into perspective and they come back having made new, meaningful relationships with like-minded people who very often share the same interests.

Solo Travelling is Most Popular with Women

Research has also found out that 58% of solo travellers are female. Key motivators for women to book a solo holiday were “finding themselves” and “getting some space.” Many mature women also stated that they want to make use of the freedom they have gained at a later stage of life.

With the rise of the mature solo traveller, many tour operators have tailored their programmes around the surge in demand. Even if you are an introvert, singles holidays provided by trusted tour operators will bring you closer to people with a shared passion you might have never talked to before.

With 70% of Flavours’ guests travelling alone, our holidays in Italy are a great opportunity to experience your first singles holiday. If you would like to find out more, simply contact our travel experts.

Do you like to travel solo? Or, do you prefer to travel with your partner or in a group? What advice would you offer to the women in our community who may be planning their first solo trip? Please join the conversation.

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