In the cave of the deep lies the spring of the heart. – Rumi

Nature shows us how the unseen comes forth to nourish the seen. All that we see, hear, or know, comes from the unknown and returns there after its form is completed. The limitless energy of the Universe gives life to what we perceive, mysteriously forming new experiences around us. These are the times that we know as our lives.

How Deep Does Your River Flow?

In the depths of the earth, water lies deep beneath the surface. It is a storehouse of energy that is essential to all life. Water is in rock formations, pockets or reservoirs, underground streams that feed these, in springs.

Deep in reserve, water waits to show us its gifts. It flows, rains, snows, freezes, evaporates, and then returns to a quiet pool somewhere, or joins the great ocean as part of its journey. Constantly changing form, water turns the wheel of life.

When it is time, water goes deep into the earth, to wait for another time to rise. In certain times and places, the water comes up to the surface, flowing across the land to allow life to flourish. It is a fine illustration of the wisdom of the forces around us, shaping our lives by flowing in the way that is most efficient, keeping its energy in the still places, spending it in the flow downstream.

Water stops and pauses, finds a way to keep going, and continues in its motion, frozen, liquid, or gaseous at different times in its cycle. It changes to suit the conditions where it is found, and in turn to change those conditions.

Our bodies are made up mostly of water, so we have the same processes as the water we see outside us.

How is the Flow of your Natural Energy Nourishing Those Around You?

Your energy may be hiding below the surface, waiting to be brought forth at the right time. You may be a reservoir of energy that is known by others, who rely on you to nourish them. You may be a stream in motion from one place to another. You may be evaporating and changing form completely, joining a cloud to gather in community to produce rain.

Are you rushing downstream, or are you stopping here and there to reflect, gain tranquility, and then move on? Perhaps your deep well of energy is still below the surface. It is in this still deep place that all things begin. A natural spring may occur in the most humble location, hidden from the eyes of the many, and hold great possibilities for enriching life, for new growth.

Since the cave is the home of the spring, honoring that quiet place and holding it to be sacred is fitting. Knowing where your heart is ready to open will give you guidance about how to use your energy in the best way. The water quietly bubbles forth, looking for a place to go next.

How is Your Energy Best Put to Use in This Part of Your Life?

It is your heart and feeling nature that drives your life forward. These forces motivate you and give you the strength you need to face whatever comes to you. In the deep places within you, the ones that you don’t see every day, there are the answers that you seek.

Each person has a vast wisdom, and the ability to create a vision of life that is harmonious, bringing full value to the experience gained. It is so important for our world for you to recognize your gifts and find your best purpose, the way that you can make your life really count, for yourself and others.

Are You Ready to Get More from Life?

Life can be better, easier, and more rewarding than ever before, for you and those around you. Are you ready for that? Take some time to reflect on your water energy, the message of the spring.

What is your deepest heart telling you about what you really want? Stop by the spring of the heart often, and drink deep of the water of the spirit. It is there to nourish you and give you strength. It is your place of refuge, your source. It’s the real YOU.

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