Looking to retire in Bali? You’ll want to read my story first! Every year, I used to feel despondent when my social security letter arrived. Retirement, it seemed, was not an option for me. In order to live a middle-class life in the U.S., I would have to continue to work pretty much forever.

When I took a two-week vacation in Bali for my 60th birthday, everything changed. The island was unlike any place I’d been.

My pace slowed. Moist tropical air plumped my skin. The crowing roosters, quacking ducks, and cooing doves accompanied every sunrise. The Balinese people smiled. Food and lodging were almost impossibly affordable. The tight ache between my shoulders disappeared and I felt young.

Then I went home and returned to the reality of work. A year passed.

How to Retire in Bali – Life or Existence?

At 61, I knew something had to give. I was existing, but I desperately wanted to live.

One winter morning, I nested a hot cup of coffee in chapped hands and wished I didn’t have to drive to work through the snowdrifts that had accumulated overnight.

Out of nowhere, an image of terraced rice paddies against a backdrop of coconut palms and banana trees brought tears trailing down my cheeks. Scents, sounds, memories of warmth and ease overwhelmed me, and in that instant, I knew I would go back.

A bubble of excitement bloomed in my gut. I grabbed a pen and paper. Ciphers flew onto the page. If I sold my furniture, art, rugs, jewelry, the car, everything, could I pay off debt, move to Bali, and live on social security?

I Believed I Could

By the time my 62nd birthday rolled around, I’d downsized, signed up for my hard-earned benefits, and paid off my credit cards. Two plastic storage bins held tax returns, a handful of keepsakes, and a few photo albums.

A month later, I landed in Bali and I’ve never looked back.

Since then, many people have contacted me with questions about my experience, wondering if something similar could work for them. They’ve found me through my blog, or they’ve read “An Insider’s Guide to Retiring in Bali” an article I wrote for Sixty and Me.

Should You Retire in Bali?

There’s no way to determine whether Bali is a good option for you without actually visiting the island. For many, the thought of traveling to a developing country, not knowing anyone and not speaking the language, is daunting.

So I have created an opportunity for you to join me here to explore the possibilities. Retiring in Bali was the single best decision of my life. Maybe I’ll see you soon on the Island of the Gods!

What does your retirement dream look like? Would you love to have time to read, paint, or write? Are you worn out and stressed from a job you no longer love – maybe never did? Does having a pair of extra hands to help with cleaning, laundry, grocery shopping, or even cooking sound too good to be true?

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Have you ever thought about retiring in Bali? What other countries have you considered for your retirement dream home? What are your criteria toward the place that will be your home for (maybe) the rest of your life? Please share your thoughts in the comments below and let’s have a productive discussion!

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