In today’s sequel article about “Tips, Tools and Makeup to Look Great in Glasses,” we’ll cover the best way to use concealer and a good way to apply foundation so it’s less likely to come off on your frames.

We’ll also share mascara and eyebrow ideas, tips on how to complete your look and finally, some interesting tools that may come in handy for actually applying makeup. After all, it’s pretty important to be able to see what we’re doing!

Use Concealer Under Your Eye, but Not Right Under Your Eye

If you have any crepey texture under your eyes, using a concealer will only draw more attention to it.

However, if you have dark circles below your eyes (which tend to have a bluish or purplish undertone), lightly dot a small amount of concealer – of a salmon or peachy shade depending on your skin tone – just on the discolored area and gently pat it with your finger.

The warmth of your finger will help absorb the concealer into your skin, and the salmon or peachy undertone will ‘color correct’ the bluish or purplish dark circle. Then, lightly pat over it a concealer that matches your skin tone. Finish by lightly tapping the area with loose powder to ‘set’ the concealer.

Consider Using a Makeup Sponge to Apply Your Foundation

Using a slightly dampened makeup sponge to apply your foundation will reduce the risk that your makeup will come off on your frames since the sponge presses the makeup onto and into the skin.

Application with a dampened sponge also provides additional hydration for your skin and leaves your foundation looking natural, flawless and more like actual skin.

Also, consider using a matte foundation and powder which will help prevent your glasses from sliding down your nose. Bring your matte foundation and powder with you, so if needed, you can touch up around your nose where your glasses may rub.

Apply More Mascara to the Base of Your Lashes

Apply your first coat of mascara from the base of your lashes to the tips. The second coat, however, should only be applied to the base since a second coating to the tips could cause your lashes to fall straight again.

Invest in a New or Waterproof Mascara

If your mascara is too old, it could flake onto your lenses. If this happens, consider buying a new mascara, although, for safety precautions you should do that every three months anyway. There are some excellent drugstore brands out there which are less expensive.

Or, you might wish to try a creamier, moisturizing formula or waterproof mascara.

Balance Your (Well Groomed) Eyebrows with Your Frames

By making sure your eyebrows ‘fit’ with the look of your frames, you will give your face more dimension. If your frames are thick and bold, consider keeping your eyebrows more neutral, but do fill in any sparse areas with eyebrow powder, pencil or pomade.

If you have plain or rimless frames, you may wish to give more emphasis to your eyebrows. Unless your brows are totally covered by your frames, they will be highlighted even more when you wear glasses, so keep them well groomed.

For some additional tips on revitalizing your eyebrows, check out “The Case of the Missing Brow” on my website.

Use a Setting Powder or Spray

To prevent your makeup from coming off on your glasses, and to keep it in place, use a transparent, matte setting powder or spray on your face.

Consider Balancing Your Glasses with a Brighter, Bolder Lip Color

Since glasses draw immediate attention to your eyes, you may wish to balance your face by adding a pop of brighter, bolder color to your lips – especially if your frames are black or brown.

It’s a look that can be incredibly chic, so give some thought to stepping outside your comfort zone to try out a few brighter, bolder lip colors.

You don’t want your glasses to take the focus away from the rest of your face, but if you wear colored frames, you may not want to go quite so bold.

Tips for Applying Makeup

Although some people have learned the technique of reaching in and under their eyeglasses – or raising their eyeglasses just slightly to apply eye makeup – none of these approaches is a breeze to master.

And then there are only a lucky few who can actually rest their eyeliner brush on their lashes so it just touches the eyelid skin and can then create a perfectly lined eye.

Most of us mortals, however, need more help. Luckily, there are several tools out there that can make a world of difference.

The number one investment should be in a quality magnifying mirror. Though 3 and 5 magnification mirrors are most common, there are 10 magnification – and even 20 magnification – mirrors available.

And did you know there are specialized makeup glasses? They come in different lens strengths and different colors. On some, there’s only one lens which you can pivot from one eye to the other.

Other types have two lenses which are both hinged at the bottom of each oval so they can be flipped down one at a time allowing you to put makeup on one eye while seeing clearly with the other. This pair can actually be used as reading glasses when both lenses are flipped upright.

Another tool attaches to your eyeglasses, holding them further out from your eyes so you can put on your makeup more easily.

One Last Option

And then there’s the option offered by a lovely woman who attended one of my makeup classes. She wore big, bold, strikingly-beautiful colored frames with mirrored lenses. She was thrilled to share that she no longer wears eye makeup because no one can see her eyes!

Whether you wear big, bold, colored frames or rimless glasses, I hope a few of the tips offered above will help you look even more gorgeous.

Do you think that wearing glasses affects the application of makeup? What makeup techniques have you tried that you’d recommend to others? Have you tried any of the specialized makeup glasses mentioned in the article? If so, would you recommend them? Please share in the comments below.

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