Summer is here, and it is promising sizzling temperatures already. What is the best kind of makeup for the summer months?

Join us in conversation with celebrity makeup artist Ariane Poole who has some wonderful summer makeup for older women tips to share. Let’s have some fun!


Summer Makeup for Older Women Tip #1: Focus on Your Eyes

In these hot summer months, it can be difficult to keep our makeup in place. Skin type, humidity, and cosmetic quality all play a role in the type of coverage we can achieve. However, our eye lids do not perspire, making them a perfect canvas to display our favorite summer styles.

Waterproof liners, brow products, mascara, and light weight under eye concealers are all “must haves” is our summer beauty bags, as well. The key is to make sure they are waterproof so they won’t run or smudge in the summer heat and humidity. Urban Decay Colored Liners and Estee Lauder Colored Liners are fantastic, waterproof products that Ariane recommends.

Tip #2: Stain Your Lips and Cheeks

While it’s tempting to grab a luscious, juicy lip gloss, Ariane says we should avoid anything wet for our lips as they are likely to melt in the heat. A better option would be to consider a matte lip pencil, lip crayon, or a stain that will stay fresh and dry in any weather.

Consider a good gel blusher or tint stain for your cheeks, as well for the ultimate summer glow. Benefit Benetint Cheek and Lip Stain is a great product for both.

Tip #3: Lay a Mattifying Foundation

Powders on top of foundation often congeal in summer heat, forming an unpleasant clumpiness in our appearance. For a perfectly smooth look, Ariane suggests wearing a mattifying foundation such as Laura Geller Balance-n-Brighten or trying a mattifying primer such as Laura Geller Spackle Treatment Mattifying Make-up Primer underneath your foundation.

Still shiny? Try a shine-absorbing sheet, available in most pharmacies and drug stores.

Tip #4: Achieve a Faux Summer Glow

We all know the risks of getting too much sun, but that doesn’t mean we have to forfeit that radiant glow. Applying non-metallic bronzers such as Bobbi Brown Bronzers or Christian Dior Bronzers with a large brush around our hair line, jaw line, across our cheekbones, and down our necks will create a fresh, contoured look that isn’t harmful to our skin.

Top #5: Be Vibrant! Be Visible!

It’s easy to get into the habit of wearing only neutral beige tones, but this is how we start to disappear. This summer, let’s be daring!

Find a vibrant color such as turquoise or purple that speaks to you and play around with it in a way that is new and fun, yet still comfortable for you. After all, you deserve to be visible.

What are your favorite makeup products to wear in the summer? What is your choice of color this summer season? Have you experimented with light summer makeup? What are your suggestions? What other summer makeup for older women tips can you share? Please join the conversation!

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