I always love reading about the longevity and healthy brain secrets that people share when they reach their 100th birthday. For example, Jeanne Calment, who lived to 122 years old, credited her longevity to olive oil. Never mind that she smoked at least 2 cigarettes a day for 100 years! Then, there was Elizabeth Sullivan who, at age 104, said Dr. Pepper kept her young. Personally, I’m not convinced!

What Does it Really Take to Maintain a Healthy Brain?

These stories are fun, and it’s always wonderful to see someone happy and healthy after age 100. But, what does science say about maintaining a healthy body and brain as we age? Quite a bit actually!

For example, according to a study conducted at Rush University Medical Center, exercise is not just good for your waistline; it may also help to keep your brain healthy too.

The study followed 167 patients over an 11 day period to measure the impact of exercise on their brains. Researchers found that the patients who “Exercised the most, even if they had high levels of brain damage, maintained their scores on the movement tests.”

In other words, the patients that exercised more seem to have protected their brains better.

While the study was conducted on people around age 80, it has implications for all baby boomers. Many of our health and exercise habits are established in our 50s and 60s. If you want to keep your brain healthy in the future, start making healthy decisions in the present.

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What do you think about the longevity claims that people make on their 100th birthdays? What steps have you taken to get in better shape recently? Please join the conversation.


Watch my interview with Dr. Medina, author of Brain Rules, for more tips on maintaining a healthy brain after 60. It was so much fun to film and I’m sure that you will enjoy it!

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