Are you wondering what to in retirement? Or, are you happy working, but, want to graduate to “semi-retirement?” After spending years in a job that you may not have completely loved, your first instinct may be to do something completely different.

In this video, Nancy Collamer, who is an author and career coach, describes how to get the most from semi-retirement. She helps us to understand the importance of focusing on your passions. Just as important, she helps us to turn our passions into profitable business ideas.


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In our interview, Nancy says that, even before you leave your full time job, you can start to think seriously about how to create a more independent lifestyle. Transitioning towards an encore career, however, involves a commitment to self-reflection and a willingness to be honest about what really makes you happy.

In our conversation, Nancy makes three simple suggestions about identifying your passions and making a profitable transition to semi-retirement!

Reflect on All of the Aspects of Your Life

According to Nancy, the first step towards a profitable semi-retirement begins with identifying your passion. In other words, you need to ask yourself what you love to do.

Nancy suggests that you look at your life and examine the times in your past when you were truly happy. Ask yourself what you loved to do as a child. Sometimes the perfect idea for what to do in semi-retirement can be found in the past.

As women in our 60s, we have had many experiences in our lives. The secret is to dig deep and gather all the facts in order to examine what was exceptionally rewarding and fun!

Identify the Sweet Spot and Your Passions

In the interview, we discuss how the process of transformation starts by understanding your motivations and mindset. When you do, you can begin shaping a future career based around the three things that define your passion

  • Things that you enjoy doing
  • Things that you do well
  • Things that you find meaningful

The intersection of these three things is where Nancy says you will find success and happiness. Get support from friends and colleagues. Ask them what they think you are good at. Volunteer to see what feels meaningful. Think about your skills and how you might be able to use them to build a profitable business.

Embrace Reality, but, Think Outside the Box

Nancy asks us to explore, in very practical and actionable ways, how we can make life after 60 more enjoyable. She reminds us that many older women think they are too old to change careers. These women believe that it is too late to learn the new skills needed to follow their passions. The truth is that you are never too older to follow your passions.

Over the last 3 years, I have talked with 100s of women who have redefined their lives after 60. Some women have gone back to school. Others have set off to travel the world – even if they didn’t have a lot of money. Still others have started completely new careers.

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