It’s no secret that we love to give gifts to our grandchildren. After all, there is nothing better than seeing your grandson or granddaughter smile. As the holidays approach, we have a natural desire to make all of our grandkids’ wishes come true.

However, my guest on the Sixty and Me show, Donne Davis, says “not so fast!” Before you dive into the fabulous world of sparkling lights and buzzing motors that is the children’s toy market today, make sure that your plans are aligned with your grandkids’ parents.

In addition to avoiding any potential family issues, Donne says that there are other reasons to consider classic toys, made from wood and textiles, rather than the latest gadgets. I hope that you enjoy my latest interview with Donne Davis of the GaGa Sisterhood. Enjoy the article and join the conversation.

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Here are Donne Davis’ tips for the next gift-giving season.

Focus on Quality

Most parents (and a surprising number of kids) would prefer high quality toys instead of disposable plastic items. If you can afford it, Donne recommends looking for simple, high-quality products, made from wood or fabrics. This logic applies for kids of all ages.

Younger kids may appreciate toys or building blocks made from high quality materials. Older kids may appreciate something from Etsy or Handmadeology. Even your teenage granddaughter may appreciate some unique jewelry that matches her personal style.

The only caveat here is that kids love to compare. If you are the only one buying handmade items and traditional toys, they may pale in comparison to your grandson’s new PlayStation 4.

That said, if you agree on an approach with your grandkids parents, this situation is easily avoided. The key is for everyone to be in sync with their gift buying strategy.

Give Experiences… Not Stuff

Another alternative to gadgets and cash are experiences. Your grandkids probably won’t remember many of the presents that they received during their childhood, but, he will almost certainly remember the fishing trip you took together.

This is one of the reasons that Donne says that the women in the GaGa Sisterhood love multi-generational vacations. You could get away for the weekend or do something closer to home. For example, Donne mentions trips to the zoo, overnight train journeys, ice-skating and horseback riding as memorable options.

Just make sure that you don’t miss the first rule of buying gifts for grandchildren – ask the parents first!

If You’re on a Budget, It’s Time to Get Creative!

Not all of us have as much money as we would like to spend on our grandkids. Donne tells us not to worry! Some of the best presents that grandmas can give are handmade.

Yes, there is a stereotype about grandmothers giving knitted scarves and cookies, but, this doesn’t mean that these are always bad presents. Your granddaughter might actually love a trendy looking handmade scarf… and your grandson may be completely addicted to your chocolate chip cookies.

Don’t be ashamed of your passions. They are a part of you and your family loves you for them!

Honestly, Donne had so many fantastic suggestions that I can’t possibly list them all here. Fortunately, you can watch the video to get her complete list. Among her other suggestions – “share your knowledge”, “give the gift of culture” and “avoid competition with the ‘other’ grandparent.”

I hope that you enjoy my conversation with Donne. Now, let’s get a conversation started.

How do you choose presents for your grandkids? Do you agree that it is important to agree on a gift buying strategy with your grandkids parents before going shopping? Why or why not?

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