A few years ago, I attended a team workshop where we had to write down three things about ourselves that we thought no one else would guess. It’s amazing how people create images in their minds of who you are and what you are capable of doing.

Revealing our secret powers, talents or experiences can be a wonderful way to let people see and understand who you really are rather than who they perceive you to be.

We all have secret powers and things we have done in our lives that, on reflection, might even surprise ourselves. Have you skydived, swam with sharks, climbed Machu Picchu or run a 10K race?

Your colleagues only see you sitting at your desk all day. Do they know that you are secretly a weightlifter or a belly dancer? Would anyone guess that you studied opera or wrote a book on traveling in Mongolia? Would anyone ever guess that you know how to make a perfect soufflé or can do a headstand?

Sometimes it’s fun to shake up people’s perceptions and let them see you in a totally different light. The flip side is also true. What perceptions do you have about others that may be incomplete or inaccurate?

For me, I think the thing that most people would not guess is that I shook hands with Paul McCartney. To reveal my bohemian side, I can share that I also went to Janis Joplin, Who and Jimi Hendrix concerts when I lived in Detroit. I know those are not really “talents,” but they say something about my personality. As for my other secrets, well, you’ll need to ask!

What amazing super power or secret talent do you have? What have you done in your life that no-one else would guess? Let’s all get to know each other a bit better. Please add your secret superpower or experience in the comments section below.

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