Last week, I had the opportunity to interview my good friend, Ariane Poole, about her upcoming appearance on QVC UK. As Ariane discussed the products that she would be sharing and how she was preparing for the show, it made me think about my own experiences with QVC.

To be honest, I haven’t purchased anything from QVC in a while. Like many women in the community, I have been focused on downsizing. At the same time, I remember loving so many of the things that I purchased on the channel in previous years.

For example, there are a few things that I found on QVC that I will never forget. The first was a beautiful little Asscher-cut ring. It wasn’t a real diamond, but, it looked amazing. In fact, hardly a day would go by without a stranger asking me about it. It was a real conversation piece.

My second favorite purchase was my Breezies bra. For a long time, it was one of my favorite pieces of clothing. How about you?

What’s the Best Think You Found on QVC?

Just for fun, I’d love to hear about your experiences with QVC. As Ariane prepares for her first big event on the show, I’m curious if you still like QVC. If so, what was the best thing that you ever purchased?

Let’s all take a few minutes to share our best QVC shopping finds in the comments below.

Do you still love to shop on QVC, either in the U.S. or the U.K? What was the best thing you ever purchased on QVC and why? Please share your comments below and take a moment to watch Ariane on QVC UK.

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