A recent conversation with some of the women in our Sixty and Me community focused on the kinds of personalized gifts that grandmas love to receive.

It’s notoriously difficult to buy presents for us women over 60. First, we are downsizing our lives and desire a more minimalist lifestyle. Second, we value relationships and experiences and would rather accumulate memories than a physical gift.

As Sherry said, “I’m trying to get rid of ‘stuff’ and don’t need more. The best gift is your time. Take me somewhere you know I would enjoy. Treat me to lunch or brunch, have me over for tea, plan a picnic, or just go somewhere together!”

Barb reinforced the experience message, suggesting the gift of a spa day, massage, ceramic paint night, pottery class, flea market adventure or yard sale. The clear message was that the real gift would be the sharing and laughs.

What About Personalized Gifts?

Many women agreed, however, that personalized gifts were a great compromise. They brought the feelings of connection with the people they loved to something practical and memorable.

Here are some personalized gift ideas that you may want to consider as a special gift for the grandmother in your life!

Handmade Anything

I love receiving handmade cards, knitting, embroidery, pottery, jewelry. I appreciate and treasure anything that has the love of its creator woven into it.

Handmade items are a great gift to suggest to grandchildren because it gives them a way to express their creative magic and imagination. It also teaches them that the real value of gift giving is in the act of love behind the present.

Peg suggests letting grandchildren help with cleaning and chores. The gift in that scenario is the joy of being together while getting things done.

Kathy reminds us that teaching grandkids the gift of time is precious and that they can learn the gift of making memories. Pinterest is a great place to go for create-handmade-card inspiration!

Personalized Jewelry

Jewellery is a small gift that grandmothers love to receive. In those times when she is alone at home, just looking at a personalized bracelet or a necklace can bring back wonderful memories.

I was gifted a locket that holds inside the pictures of my two grandchildren. Especially when I am travelling on a plane or train, I hold it in my hands to bring them close to me.

Sue says that her daughter-in-law gave her a pendant that features the engraved names of all four of her grandchildren. She felt it was a beautiful and heartfelt gift.

Cathy was also given a charm bracelet with the names of her 3 grandchildren and says it was one of her most treasured gifts. There are some great ideas for personalized jewelry for grandmothers at Things Remembered.

Julie says that she enjoys any gift that someone has taken the time to make or buy with her in mind. She likes bracelets with supportive and inspirational words.

Personalized Mugs and T-shirts

A fun gift for grandmothers is something practical she can use or wear every day. Gail says that she has a mug with her grandsons’ pictures on it, and she uses it every morning for her coffee. She says, “It is one of my favorite gifts because I start my day seeing their adorable faces.”

You can also get fun mugs that share a family secret or phrase. Personal Connections and Personalization Mall are a great place for inspiration. You can go to places like Zazzle and design your own mugs and t-shirts.

Mary says that she and her husband were each given a coffee mug with a picture of their granddaughters and their names on it. An added benefit is that the grandkids love to use them when they visit.

Personalized Cushions, Hampers and Aprons

Another great opportunity for a personalized gift could be things you can use around the house, like personalized cushions and aprons. Etsy is a great place to look for handmade inspiration.

Carolyn Molyneux takes it one step further and suggests that favourite foods are also a great gift idea. They show you have taken the time to buy a personal gift.

She suggests a personalized hamper with packets of good tea, favorite gourmet coffee and treats that grandma would not normally buy for herself. For me, that would be salted caramels. I would be your friend for life!

Cushions are fun because you associate your sofa with a cosy and warm place, and a cushion that reminds you how much you are appreciated can be fun to cuddle into. Here some personalized cushion examples.

Make Your Personalized Gift Personal

Despite all these wonderful personalized gift ideas, the overwhelming feedback from grandmothers in our Sixty and Me community is that the only person who mattered to them was the person giving the gift – adult children, daughters- and sons-in-law and the grandchildren, of course.

Kathleen says it beautifully: “I have enough stuff. Take me out to lunch, tell me about your life, let me know the ways I matter to you, share memories of our time together, make me laugh.”

What kind of personalized gifts would you love to receive? Have your grandchildren ever given you a gift that meant the world to you? Please share a gift story in the comments below.

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