I am a London girl. Born and raised in Acton, West London, I have a deep and passionate love for the United Kingdom. My roots lie between the urban landscapes of my childhood to the countryside of my child raising years.

My early memories were shaped by parents who lived in London through the hardest times. Later recollections of day trips to Brighton and Bath, the Lake District and West Country with my children still make me smile.

The UK is as varied as its changing landscapes. This is what I love about its unique and wonderful history and personality.

So, when women in our Sixty and Me Community ask me for recommendations, I point them to Road Scholar. A company that has spent years developing learning adventures covering every wonderful and diverse part of UK, they explore all the places I love.

Without being too dramatic, in my opinion, a visit to the UK will change your life forever!

With the Royal Wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle coming in May, there is once again a spotlight on the place my heart calls home. Royalty is one of the many deep traditions that have given depth to a country that will give you more than you expect and take nothing but what you give of yourself.

The country features villages lost in time, beautiful natural vistas, enchanting beach towns, world-famous universities and legendary writers and musicians. There is truly something for everyone in the United Kingdom.

And, what is the best way to see the UK? Well, I can tell you that Road Scholar is a definite contender! Let’s take a look at a few of the adventures that they offer.

The Best of England and Wales – Shakespeare to Snowdonia, Castles to Colleges

This 14 day comprehensive adventure takes you across England and Wales. Along the way, you will explore a diverse range of experiences.

From the rugged windblown Welsh coast to the more sedate and refined English manors and castles, every day will surprise you. One day you will hear the sounds of Mother Nature and be moved by fabulous landscapes. Another, you will listen to stories of cultural, literary and historical events.

roadscholar united kingdomYou will travel west to east and visit intriguing towns and cities like Oxford, Stratford Upon Avon and Windsor.

Cornwall England’s Hidden Treasure

If you want a more focused travel experience in the England’s Southwest, Road Scholar’s 10 day program in Cornwall might be perfect for you.

The rugged coastline will take your breath away. A Road Scholar expert will share the intriguing 4000-year-old history of the area and bring its magic to life.

Along the way, your mind will be filled with images of medieval castles, the prehistoric stones of Bodmin Moor. You will also experience beautiful harbours and secluded villages.

Society in Jane Austen’s Time and Regency England

If you prefer to explore the UK’s literary traditions, Road Scholar’s 6-day program on Jane Austen may appeal to you.

Many women in our Sixty and Me community are avid readers. If this sounds like you, this Road Scholar learning experience will not only educate you about the world of Jane Austen immerse you in the historical Regency period that inspired so much literary genius!

On the Hunt for Adventure? Discover Scotland with Your Family

If you are intrigued by the wild and wonderful Scottish landscape and want to share it with your family, this adventure might be a perfect match!

This program is one of Road Scholar’s Family offerings. They are designed for any combination of generations including grandparents, aunts, uncles, parents and children.

In 11 days, you will travel from Edinburgh Castle to Loch Ness, sharing in the legends and traditions of Scotland.

road scholar united kingdom

How about visiting the famous Edinburgh zoo, dancing to bagpipes or experiencing the taste of haggis? There is something for every generation to enjoy!

Another option for Scotland is this island exploration program.

The Best of Northern Ireland – Past, Present and Future

Like many travellers, I have only been to Belfast, but there is so much more to Northern Island!

In this 9 day program, Road Scholar takes you on a far reaching tour of a country that is both complex and captivating!

You visit the landmarks of Northern Island’s heritage and find out about the events that shaped it. Exploration of its culture is mixed with discovery of the beautiful landscapes that make it one of the most visually stunning parts of the United Kingdom.

Another option for visiting Northern Ireland is to join the 18 day program called Ireland’s Coast from North to South where a National Trust expert takes you to the UNESCO treasure the Giants Causeway and Irish farm where you can experience some of Ireland’s culinary delights.

Celtic Wales – Snowdonia and Pembrokeshire

My father was born and raised in Wales, so I have a special place in my heart for this country.

The countryside is diverse and rugged and this 11-day Road Scholar program takes you from Snowdonia in the North to Pembrokeshire in the West.

It allows you to experience the dramatic Welsh scenery and get a better understanding of the complexity of its fascinating history. If you are intrigued by Welsh myths and legends this is the program for you.

There is also a family program in Wales called The Magic of Wales – A Family Adventure. On it, you can explore castles, kayak and hike in Snowdonia National Park.

road scholar united kingdom

I would recommend that everyone try to experience the United Kingdom once in their lives.

If you can’t do all four countries, England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland, choose the one that your heart speaks to. There is almost certainly something that you are looking for in one of these destinations and Road Scholar is the perfect travel partner.

Have you ever visited the United Kingdom? Or, do you want to travel there one day? Where would you like to go and what would you like to see while you are there? Let’s have a chat!

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