Loneliness is an issue that affects not only individuals, but, society in general. The health implications of loneliness alone should be enough to make governments stand up and take notice, but, for some reason, most of them haven’t.

According to one recent study, loneliness could be as bad for your health as smoking 15 cigarettes a day. To make matters worse, aging populations across the world mean that we could be facing a tidal wave of loneliness in the coming decades.

This is exactly why I am so happy that organizations like The Campaign to End Loneliness have started to appear.

Introducing the Campaign to End Loneliness

The Campaign to End Loneliness, which is based in the UK, is a network of local, regional and national organizations dedicated to reducing loneliness. Their primary activities including raising awareness of loneliness related issues among policy makers and pushing for loneliness related funding.

I’m excited about The Campaign to End Loneliness for two reasons. First, by bringing together multiple organizations into a single network, they have created a powerful force for change in the UK. Second, and perhaps more importantly, The Campaign to End Loneliness is an example that I hope other countries can learn from.

At Sixty and Me, we believe that the issue of loneliness cannot be solved through technology alone.

Reducing loneliness will require efforts from governments, research institutions, communities, individuals and private companies. We need a joint effort!

If you want to find out more about The Campaign to End Loneliness, here are a few places to get started:

Find out more about The Campaign to End Loneliness

Support The Campaign to End Loneliness

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this. Do you think that governments should do more to help reduce loneliness among older adults and seniors? What specific steps would you like your government to take to address this important issue? Please join the discussion now.

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