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This page describes how Sixty and Me is funded and the steps we take to ensure this doesn’t detract from our editorial approach.

Sixty and Me is now a community of over 600,000 baby boomer women, and as you might imagine, the cost of running such a large community is significant.

Sixty and Me is operated by UK website publishing company – Comparitech Ltd.

How we make money

At Sixty and Me, our goal is to help women in their 50s, 60s and better to live life to its fullest – often this means recommending products and services that we know our audience will love.

Sometimes we earn a commission if you go on to purchase the products and services that we recommend. This is a type of advertising known as affiliate marketing.

This doesn’t cost you any more than buying the product directly from the advertiser and helps support our work. Our community is frequently offered discounted prices so in some instances buying via a link on this site can be cheaper than purchasing directly.

How do we balance making money with editorial integrity?

Our commitment to the Sixty and Me community is simple – we put you and your trust ahead of making money.

We will only ever recommend products and services which we would use ourselves or would recommend to our own family.

Furthermore, our editorial team works separately to our advertising manager. In practice this means:

  • We don’t just link to products we have an advertiser relationship with.
  • Once content has been produced and the editorial process is complete, we then look to add affiliate links where these are available.

We are always open to feedback from the community; if something we recommend receives consistent negative feedback, we’ll reconsider recommending it.