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Brain Health

Nothing is more important to health aging than brain health. Fortunately, there is plenty that we can do to keep our minds sharp. From brain foods to exercise, we can help you to give your brain the love it deserves.

2 weeks ago

13 Easy Ways to Wake Up Your Brain

The kids and the grandkids are in school, learning new things every day. But what should the rest of us do to keep our brains active and alert? We’ve all heard that we can reduce our chances of suffering from dementia in our golden…

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3 weeks ago

13 Fantastic Foods to Boost Your Brain Power (and Stay Healthy)

Staying vibrant after 60 challenges us to look at our lives with intent and explore ways to learn new skills, challenge our minds, and gain new experiences. Our brains get rewired in the process, and the foods we eat affect how well our brain and body functions…

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1 month ago

Healthy Eating Habits for a Healthy Mind

The subject of mental health, including stress, anxiety and depression, has entered our homes in record numbers over the past couple of years. The ups and downs of life exacerbated by a pandemic, a war, ever increasing inflation and a whole list…

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1 month ago

Little Known Reasons You Can (and Should) Learn a Second Language Post 60

Nine years ago, during a particularly difficult period in my life, a period devoid of any sense of accomplishment whatsoever (I was job hunting at age 57), I decided to learn a second language, Spanish…

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2 months ago

3 Ways Movement Can Optimize Your Brain Health After 60

Research continues to find a strong connection between mobility and decline in brain health. It’s been long established that exercise and movement help promote mental health and fight symptoms of depression, anxiety, and even PTSD…

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4 months ago

Abstract Thinking and Dementia: 4 Exercises to Keep Your Brain Fit as You Age

If dementia was a bowl of homemade vegetable soup, each ingredient would represent a different symptom of the disease. Naturally, no two bowls of soup are the same. The symptom most people associate with dementia…

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5 months ago

“Where Did That Word Go?” The Tip-of-the-Tongue Phenomenon

Don’t you hate it when suddenly, mid-sentence, you’re not able to access a word from memory? It feels like the word is on the tip of your tongue, yet it’s just beyond reach. Noticing my friends and I experiencing this frustration more often lately…

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6 months ago

5 Easy Ways to Keep Your Brain Active and Young After 60

Did you exercise your brain today? Most of us don’t even know what that means. We seem to overlook the importance of the brain and solely focus on the body when we think about being healthy…

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8 months ago

Stress: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (A Coming Back to Our Senses Installment)

We all want to have a healthy brain, don’t we? As we age, our ability to think clearly, focus and remember becomes more of a concern to many of us; especially if we have a mindset that believes a deteriorating brain is just part of aging and out of your control…

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9 months ago

Your Memory Is Better Than You Think (Part Two)

Sometimes our worries will take us to the worst place. Even though such worries may be based on assumptions that don’t hold up when we look at them closely. I started this discussion in my most recent post, Your Memory Иs Better Than You Think, Part One…

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