Journal Writing

Do you like to journal? Does it remove stress from your life and provide a nice way to keep track of your life and thoughts?

3 weeks ago

Honoring My Loved Ones in September, National Suicide Prevention Month

Each year in September, I honor those who have died by suicide. Unfortunately, in my six decades of living, I have to report that I now know seven individuals who have taken their lives. They’re unrelated to each other, but all tragic…

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2 months ago

How Journaling at 60 Can Help You Heal from the Grief of Estrangement with Your Adult Child

Estrangement from an adult child is an emotional and/or physical distance that is emotionally troublesome for all involved. The complicated nature of the process and elements of estrangement are as varied as the individual stories…

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5 months ago

The Physical, Mental and Emotional Benefits of Keeping a Diary

Recent research shows that keeping a daily diary or journal not only is a great way to document your experiences and record your thoughts and feelings, but can also offer mental, emotional and physical benefits…

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6 months ago

The Best Part of Journaling: Bearing Witness to Your Life

It was my father who encouraged me to “write about it” when he gave me that first pink and turquoise diary when I was 10 years old. You know the kind, the ones with a little lock and key that hold a young girl’s many secrets. Diaries were simpler then…

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7 months ago

Conversations with the Divine – Your Spiritual Journal

Are you looking forward to a major religious holiday as spring arrives? Ramadan, Passover, Lent and Easter are times when people look within to deepen their connection with the deity they believe in. Even if you’re not religious, getting…

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7 months ago

Dreaming of Your Next Big Trip? Get Ready with a Travel Journal

As we ease out of winter – at last! – I’m dreaming of travel. Maybe you are too? Whether far away or close to home, we can add to the experience by keeping a travel journal. Even if you never read it again, writing while far from home can help us more deeply…

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9 months ago

Worry Too Much? How My Experience with Journaling Really Helped

As he leaned against the door of a New York City subway train, my adult son fainted. Like a giant redwood tree, he toppled over, his head crashing against the edge of a hard plastic seat. Out cold, he lay on the filthy floor, blood gushing from his eye…

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10 months ago

Keeping a Makeup Journal – What Can You Learn That You Didn’t Know?

We don’t usually associate keeping a journal with our beauty products. Neither skin care or makeup. I have certainly never done so, but in review, it seems to be a good idea. No more buying something that gives you a rash…

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12 months ago

Intuitive Journaling – Finding Your Own Wisdom

Curled up in my cozy nest with only the glow of the screen illuminating the world before dawn, I write, I read, I understand. The words flow from my fingertips and my mind grasps what was previously unknown. Mornings are for writing…

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2 years ago

Private Life: Should Your Kids Read Your Journals When You’re Gone?

My friend’s mother died recently after a sudden stroke, and among her belongings he and his siblings discovered volumes of journals, going back 40 years. They started reading through these family artifacts and learned a lot…

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