Leslie is the founder of Life Balance After 50 where she uses her background in counseling and behavior analysis to help women navigate their goals and dreams after 50. She created a free mini workbook along with a guide and more in depth workbook for women who are looking to redefine their life. Contact Leslie at Leslie@lifebalanceafter50.com.

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4 weeks ago

When Overthinking Leads to Doing Nothing After 50

Although many of us women after 50 continue to juggle life’s roles and are content doing so, we find ourselves reflecting on what we might want to do for ourselves as we move forward in our next phase of life. All of the women with whom I work, have expressed…

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2 months ago

Imposter Syndrome: Why Do We Have It and How Do We Defeat It?

I’ve met women who have relocated to other countries and didn’t even know the language. Women who have written books and started businesses. Women who have found love. One of the women in my community adopted two infants and a toddler…

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3 months ago

The Only Thing We Are Too Old to Do After 50

As I’m working with women over 50 who are looking to redefine in some way, I’m often met with a version of the question, “Am I too old to _____.” It typically is phrased something like, “I’m _____ (insert age here). Do you think this would be a good time…

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4 months ago

How to Do Things for You When Life’s Circumstances Aren’t the Greatest

In my work with women who are looking to redefine on what I call “The Right Side of 50,” I lead them through a series of journal prompts, reflections, brain dumps, and goal setting exercises to help them as they try to figure out exactly what their “thing” might…

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5 months ago

Dangerous Fixed Mindset Beliefs for Women on “The Right Side Of 50”

Many of us women after the age of 50 find ourselves looking to redefine in some way. We may be ready to leave the job or career that we are in, but not ready to totally retire yet. Our children are grown and out of the house, for the most part…

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6 months ago

Perceived Value and Why It Is Important to Those After 50

Perceived value, by definition, is a consumer’s perception of the value of a product or service and its ability to meet their needs. Every day, in my various blogging groups, I hear from women who are hesitant to charge for the goods or services they create…

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7 months ago

Why It Is Imperative to Have a Bucket List After 50

So many of the women I talk to each day through my blog at Life Balance After 50 know that they want to continue to be active and busy and doing all of the things on what we are calling “the right side of 50.” They may be looking to stop or cut back…

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8 months ago

The Tiny Little Habit Changes That Can Affect Your Entire Routine

Charles Duhigg, in his book, The Power of Habit,describes a subset of habits that he refers to as Keystone Habits. These are habits that, when incorporated into our daily routine, have a domino effect on most if not all other areas of our lives…

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8 months ago

5 Things to Do for Yourself Every Day After Your 50th Birthday

Most, if not all of us, have spent our lives up until this point juggling and trying to balance many of our life roles. Working, parenting, being a spouse, caring for parents, finding time for our friends are only a few. Although many of us…

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9 months ago

What’s the Real Deal with Reflection Journaling?

Ever since I was a young girl, I’ve journaled. At eight and nine years old, it was a pretty pink diary with a lock and key that I would fill with my thoughts and poems and then replace with a new diary when it became full…

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