Giving Back and Volunteering

After 4 or more decades in the workforce, many women over 60 are deciding to spend more time volunteering in retirement. This is a win-win situation. Giving back provides us with a sense of purpose, while we enrich the lives of those around us.

1 week ago

How I Took a Scary Leap into the World of Teen Girls and Glamour for a Good Cause

I was looking for a volunteer opportunity in retirement, but I wanted to avoid the deep-brain work I was used to – writing, editing, teaching, and communications and social media strategy, etc. – you know, all the stuff I retired from…

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4 weeks ago

Volunteering Abroad Destinations for Active Women Over 50

Volunteering can be a life-changing experience that can be both rewarding and humbling. When I made a big life switch several years ago, I promised myself that my new life would involve helping. I didn’t know exactly what that meant at the time…

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2 months ago

Easy Ways to Honor Those You’ve Lost (And Yourself)

I recently traveled to Nashville, Tennessee, where music pours from every bar, restaurant and hotel, in a raucous and often heartfelt tribute to life, love and the human condition.
After listening to no fewer than 18 singer-songwriters…

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3 months ago

Product Reviews: To Write or Not to Write?

Normally, I dismiss any plea for a product review. Instead of a cute tag on a string, the request typically comes in a follow-up email to confirmation that my purchase has been delivered. Who has time to review?

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5 months ago

Is Volunteering for You After 60? These 10 Benefits May Be the Boost You Need

After a lifetime of working for money, why on earth would we want to go and work for nothing? I was a volunteer with the National Trust in the UK for nearly four years. I was a costumed guide…

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6 months ago

Celebrating the Important Role of Semi-Caregivers

In recent years, we have all become conscious of the hidden army of people known as ‘carers’ (‘caregivers’ in the US). These are the people who look after a frail (or confused) family member or friend…

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7 months ago

Why We Need to Spread Kindness into the World

We’re finally traveling again as the pandemic seems to be winding down, for business or pleasure, and the airports are full to bursting. Since the airlines require us to arrive at the airport at a minimum of two hours pre-flight time, if one is fortunate…

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8 months ago

5 Excellent Reasons Why We Should Volunteer in Our 60s (Consider #2)

Do you want to make a positive difference somewhere? Do you want to do something special, something meaningful? Most of us do, but often, we think it’s too late. We’re ‘over the hill’ and our useful days are over. I don’t know where to begin…

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9 months ago

How to Match Your Service Choices with Your Higher Purpose

Most people want to live happy, productive lives. One way to create a life worth living is to share your joy and passion with others, through service. Studies have shown that giving back contributes to better health. Volunteering…

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10 months ago

Politics After 60: Make a Difference Without Running for Office

It’s the year of the midterms in the U.S., and since I live in a ‘swing state’ that could decide the majority party in Congress, I am inundated with TV ads – mostly negative – and mailers touting the sins or virtues of all the candidates…

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