In this section, you will find information about Pilates; what it is, why it's beneficial for women over 60, and how it can help us improve our balance, posture, strength and so much more.

2 weeks ago

What Is Pilates Breathing and Why Is It Important?

What is the best abdominal workout? In my 25 years as a Pilates and fitness instructor, nearly every client I’ve worked with has asked me this question. And here’s what I tell them: breathing. If you are breathing as you should be, with ease and balance…

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3 weeks ago

Pilates for Back Pain Relief: Pilates Classes for a Stronger Spine

As we gracefully navigate through the golden years of life, one thing becomes increasingly important: maintaining a strong and healthy body. For many of us, back pain can become an unfortunate companion that hinders daily activities and limits…

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2 months ago

Age Is Just a Number: Reaping the Rewards of Pilates in Your Senior Years

If you’ve ever questioned whether Pilates is suitable for you as you embark on your golden years, let me assure you: age is just a number, and Pilates can be the key to unlocking a whole new chapter of vibrant living. But how exactly does Pilates…

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5 months ago

Pilates for Improved Balance: Preventing Falls in Adults over 50

Here’s a scary fact: for people over 50, being unable to stand on one foot for 10 seconds is associated with a higher risk of death from ANY cause within the following decade. That’s according to the findings of a recent study published in the British Journal…

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6 months ago

The Magic of Pilates and How it Helps to Improve your Quality of Life

When I first started doing Pilates seriously, it was after the birth of my two children, and I thought it would be a good way to strengthen my core. Little did I know that the benefits of Pilates would extend far beyond my abs!

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7 months ago

Pilates: Your Pathway to Better Balance

As we age, we start to lose our balance, and this increases our risk of falling. Did you know that our balance starts to decline between 40 and 50? In fact, falls are one of the most common reasons for emergency room visits among seniors…

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8 months ago

Counteract the Effects of Sitting with These Simple Exercises for a Sedentary Lifestyle (VIDEO)

There’s plenty of research out there to tell us that the cumulative effects of sitting, either at a desk all day or because of a sedentary lifestyle, can have a negative impact on our health. A 2014 study by Dr. James Levine, director of the Mayo Clinic…

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8 months ago

4 Pilates Health Benefits You Never Expected!

If you’re reading this article, it’s likely that you’ve already heard that Pilates is good for your body. However, there are so many ways that Pilates can improve your life in addition to protecting and strengthening your muscles!

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10 months ago

Why the Over-60 Body Loves Pilates

Pilates is a workout that helps you build full body strength and mobility, improve your posture, increase flexibility, and so much more. It’s a hidden gem in the world of exercise. But what are the benefits of Pilates for those over 60…

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1 year ago

Is Pilates Strength Training? Yes, and Here’s Why!

Traditional strength training and Pilates have a lot in common. Loading the muscles with weights in traditional strength training and with springs, props, and body weight in Pilates puts forces onto the muscles and bones that build strength…

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