Are you interested in finding happiness? Do you think being grateful is important? You've come to the right place! Let's give you the inspiration you need to get the most from life after 60.

20 hours ago

Mindfulness: What Is It Really?

Mindfulness is something I have practised throughout my life, and you probably have too, without giving it a name. It is neither obscure nor exotic, and it doesn’t require us to change who we are. We already have the ability to be in the present…

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21 hours ago

How to Live Emotionally Well with Serious Illness After 60

As a hospice volunteer, one of the many things I’ve come to understand is that everyone faces serious illness and the prospect of death differently. There’s simply no “right way” or “wrong way” to approach it…

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22 hours ago

How to Find Your Voice by Telling Stories After 60 (And Be Heard!)

For most of us, if we were heard in our past, it was within limits. More often than not, our generation of women let men do the talking. We worked hard behind the scenes, and consciously or unconsciously…

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3 days ago

How Our Thoughts Shape Our Future When We Reach the 60 Threshold

Not many generations ago, aging was considered a privilege, and those who lived the longest were considered to be important members of society and keepers of the wisdom necessary for survival…

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4 days ago

How to Stop Bargaining with Your Emotional Baggage

Can you relate to bargaining with the contents of your emotional baggage? Maybe you’ve looked at the contents several times over the course of your life. You may have even convinced yourself the more troubling contents were not all that bad…

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5 days ago

5 Reasons Why It’s So Difficult to Redesign Your Life After 60 – and How to Conquer Them!

We all want to live lives of meaning. We want to find a purpose for our days and feel fulfilled in knowing we give something to the world. We also want to enjoy our time and enjoy the fruit of the labors…

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6 days ago

How to Fall in Love with Getting Older

I love getting older! How many women do you know who feel that way? Sure, my body is changing, and my eyesight may not be as good as it used to be, but I consider that a gauntlet thrown by Mother Nature…

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7 days ago

6 Amazing Magazines for Women Over 60

Part of my inspiration for starting Sixty and Me was the feeling that too many media outlets do not devote enough attention to women over 60. I feel that we are too often invisible on magazine covers and on TV shows, and our voices…

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1 week ago

The Power of Music to Transport Us Places

It was a damp Seattle evening in May, as I settled into my seat at Benaroya Hall to hear the Seattle Symphony. I was attending an event with a friend, and it was our “pre Mother’s Day treat” to ourselves…

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1 week ago

It’s Time for a Candid Conversation with Your 80-Year-Old Self

When I turned 60 and decided that I want to live at least 40 more years, I started my 100th Year Project, not knowing how it would change my life. I didn’t realize then that 60 isn’t even considered old: that 65 to 75 is young old, 75 to 85 old…

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