In 2004, after becoming a grandmother, Paula Usrey started an encore career as an associate professor of communication. She is also a speaker and workshop facilitator. Her topics include communication and personal life planning. In July 2017, she gave her first TEDx Talk: Your Best Life at Any Age. Please visit her website here

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1 month ago

Why It’s important to Listen to Our Intuition and Inner Voice as We Get Older and Wiser

What now seems like a lifetime ago, I was a volunteer for a homeless shelter located in a questionable area in downtown Portland, Oregon. Recognizing the possibility that I could get robbed, it was my naïve habit to put my purse in the trunk…

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8 months ago

Securing Your Legacy: 3 Ways to Have an Impact After You’re Gone

As a former non-profit director, I used to help raise money for teaching and learning. One of our most successful fund-raising campaigns was a donor wall. Those who contributed a certain amount would forever have their names inscribed on a beautiful wall…

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9 months ago

Can Plastic Surgery Really Improve Your Life After 60?

After a successful keynote speech we had co-presented, my friend Susan and I celebrated over a couple of cold beers. Maybe it was the beer, or the relief I felt after delivering our presentation, but I blurted out something I hadn’t intended to confess…

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1 year ago

How to Rock the Transition to Your Next Best Life in Retirement

Some things in life are easier not to think about, like death, taxes or facing a major transition such as retirement. Fortunately, my son, a financial advisor and business owner, had one of those “Mom, let’s sit down and talk about your finances” discussions…

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2 years ago

Irritable Male Syndrome and Other Changes in Relationships As We Age

Just between you and me, I’ve secretly been worried that my significant other and I will get on each other’s nerves after I retire. I wasn’t planning on sharing this with anyone until last week. Read More

2 years ago

To Be or Not to Be Invisible After 60: The Choice Is Yours

A couple of years ago I realized how easily I could become an ‘invisible’ elder if I allowed that to happen. Read More

3 years ago

New Year. New Disciplines and a New You!

It’s a new year, a new beginning. For a little over 40% of us, it means we’re in the midst of establishing goals for 2019. These include learning a new language, exercising more or losing a few pounds. Read More

4 years ago

Looking at 60 with Fresh Eyes: Is This Really the Age of Change and Opportunity?

While on break from my classes, I took advantage of a free flu shot offered through the college where I teach. When I popped into the small conference room crammed with colleagues and nervous laughter, a young 20-something woman handed me a form that I completed and returned. Read More

4 years ago

Women Over 60 Have the Power to Help Create a New Narrative About Aging… Here’s How

When I was young, one of my mother’s favorite television programs was I Love Lucy. In this sitcom, actress Lucille Ball played the role of a scheming housewife who often used tears to soften her husband when he confronted her ‘childish’ behaviors. Not surprisingly, my own mother behaved in similar ways. Read More

4 years ago

Where Are All of the Wise Elder Women Role Models for Women Over 60?

Last year, one of my sons bought me an Amazon Echo Dot for my birthday. A couple of decades ago, I would never have imagined having a virtual assistant that knows my name and can play my favorite music on command. Read More