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2 days ago

5 Books to Close Out Summer

As summer winds down and kids head back to school, I remember the days I’d prepare for my new grade. I loved covering my textbooks with brown paper, organizing my pencil case, arranging outfit combinations, and labeling my folders…

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7 days ago

6 Amazing Magazines for Women Over 60

Part of my inspiration for starting Sixty and Me was the feeling that too many media outlets do not devote enough attention to women over 60. I feel that we are too often invisible on magazine covers and on TV shows, and our voices…

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3 weeks ago

The Only Luxury of Covid – Reading Lots of Books

Covid finally caught up with me – in Sheboygan, WI on a ladies’ trip. Five of us tested positive after returning home. No, we didn’t mask; a mistake in hindsight. But for three weeks, I did nothing but read and binge television…

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4 weeks ago

5 Beach-ish Reads for the Summer

I don’t know about your part of the world, but it is HOT where I live. I want everything else around me to be lighter, cooler, and more relaxed. My clothes, our dinners, the sheets on my bed. And the books I read…

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1 month ago

4 Ways That Reading Can Improve the Quality of Your Life After 60

Although I’ve been an avid reader all my life, I’d honestly never heard the term “bibliotherapy” until recently. Apparently, I’ve been out of the loop. The concept of reading books as therapy dates to the ancient Greeks who considered…

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2 months ago

Trigger Warnings – Should We Be Aware That Death Is Part of the Story?

Whether we pick up a book or go to see a play, we don’t always know what the plot is all about. And sometimes that makes it even more interesting. But is that always the case? Here I offer my thoughts on three works:

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2 months ago

5 Summer Reading Picks

Growing up in the Midwest, I spent summer mornings playing outside with the neighbor kids. We’d break up and go home to lunch, where our moms served us Kool-Aid (red!) and bologna sandwiches and potato chips straight from the jumbo…

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3 months ago

5 Books to Read in May and Early June (VIDEO)

When my kids were younger, the month of May was crazy busy. Baseball games, graduations, and school calendars crammed with year-end events. Nowadays, I love May’s quiet, longer days. Dinners on the patio with farm stand produce….

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4 months ago

A Roundup of Great Books to Read

I’ve read some good books this month. If you celebrate Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, you may find one on this list to gift. Or hint for someone to give you! This roundup includes a mix of genres – fiction, historical fiction, mystery, non-fiction…

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5 months ago

Fly Into Spring with These 6 Books

Our world is opening, and people are traveling again. Some may choose to hop on a plane, train, or bus and explore new territory. Others might decide to stay home, pour a cup of tea, and plop on the couch. Because, whether we want to visit…

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