Ann Boland is committed to Chicago theater, opera, and arts. Involved as a theatre-goer since the early 80s, she’s witnessed firsthand the rise of Chicago's theater scene, its exceptional local talent, and the vigor of each new generation. To support her good and bad habits, Ann handles public relations for authors and the arts.

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1 month ago

Exploring New Gems from the Backlist

We are obsessed with the “new”– mostly due to intense promotional efforts on behalf of deodorants, clothing styles, restaurants, and books. Books from earlier years of a publisher or author are called the backlist. Look there for bestsellers…

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2 months ago

The Only Luxury of Covid – Reading Lots of Books

Covid finally caught up with me – in Sheboygan, WI on a ladies’ trip. Five of us tested positive after returning home. No, we didn’t mask; a mistake in hindsight. But for three weeks, I did nothing but read and binge television…

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3 months ago

Trigger Warnings – Should We Be Aware That Death Is Part of the Story?

Whether we pick up a book or go to see a play, we don’t always know what the plot is all about. And sometimes that makes it even more interesting. But is that always the case? Here I offer my thoughts on three works:

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4 months ago

An Interesting Black Spring in the Arts

Black people have always been writing and singing, but few companies were producing Black Art. To garner the substantial funds to produce for storefront theater, much less Chicago Lyric Opera or Broadway, requires a guarantee of success…

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