Retirement Planning

Retirement planning isn't just about saving money. It's also about making sure that you have the skills, passive income and passions to get the most from life after retirement.

1 week ago

How Positive Financial Thinking Can Help You to Get More from Retirement

We miss the profound depth to financial thriving when we focus solely on getting better rates of return, maximizing Social Security, mitigating risk, diversifying assets or addressing draw down rates – the traditional talk of financial advisors…

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2 weeks ago

6 Unusual Retirement Gift Ideas for Women

If you’re looking for unusual retirement gift ideas for women, I have you covered! Of course, the classic idea of a retirement gift is the “gold watch,” given by companies to retiring employees after decades of faithful service…

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1 month ago

3 Things to Remember When Taking the First Step Towards Retirement

I’m learning each day to look forward to what is coming as I stand where I am today. Being present in my life right here and now has created an appreciation for all that I have and an eagerness for what is yet to come. Every change I make…

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2 months ago

8 Ways to Declare Your Financial Freedom When the Clock Strikes 55

Ladies, as we celebrated the freedoms of our nation on July 4, I encourage you to look at how to create financial freedom in your life. Money is a tool to be used creatively and constructively to build families and communities. Your self-worth is not your net-worth…

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4 months ago

How Long Should You Keep Personal and Financial Documents?

If you are like many of us and recently found yourself sorting through numerous documents to find papers needed for your tax return, then you may be ready to get organized. Finding all the documents our accountant needs in order to prepare…

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5 months ago

Top 10 Things to Do Before Retiring

In many ways, retirement feels like crossing the finish line of a very long race. It’s the milestone that we all work towards throughout our careers. But it’s important not to retire too early. Doing so could make it difficult to enjoy your newfound freedom…

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6 months ago

Are You Emotionally Ready to Retire? Here Are 5 Questions to Help You Decide

If you’re thinking about retiring in the next few months or years, then chances are, there will be a number of different factors affecting your decision. As well as considerations about how retirement will affect health and happiness; it’s also now necessary to take into account…

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7 months ago

How Rebalancing Your “Life Portfolio” Can Help You to Achieve Financial Success After 60

There is no part of life that can be experienced in a vacuum. Each decision you make impacts other areas of your life. I know, for instance, that if I have a glass of wine, it will trigger a migraine, and I will be wiped out for three days…

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8 months ago

8 Powerful Retirement Lessons I Learned in a University Class

Several years ago, my husband and I took a retirement class. This was not one of those fancy dinners in an expensive steak house given by investment firms looking to solicit business, but an actual class taught through a university extension…

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8 months ago

Is Buying a Home After 55 a Good Idea?

Retirement is an exciting time for us independent adults with its endless possibilities for travel, entertainment, and new friendships. But when it comes time to decide where to live during those later years, it’s important to take all options…

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