Hilary Henderson is a Retirement Coach http://www.nuhorizons.co.za. She brings to her coaching her experience as an Occupational Therapist as well as an entrepreneur. Her mission is to help people find relevance, purpose and meaning in their retirement years. Facebook is one way to reach out to her.

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2 weeks ago

6 Ways for an Older Woman to Become a Successful Entrepreneur

Is this because necessity is the mother of invention, or is it simply that the number of 55-64-year-olds is on the rise? According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the number of women-owned firms also increased two-and-a-half times the national average…

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1 month ago

7 Qualities of a Good Entrepreneur That Will Help You Start a Business in Retirement

In a previous blog, I offered some points to consider when you decide to become an entrepreneur in retirement. This time I would like to look at the qualities that make a successful entrepreneur. It is not a failsafe guarantee…

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5 months ago

5 Reasons Why Boomers Want to Work in Retirement

If I asked you to provide some reasons as to why many Boomers want to continue working in retirement, the most frequent answer would be, “for the money.” I don’t doubt that is the main motive, but I would like to further…

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6 months ago

How to Find Your 7 Intangible Assets and What to Do With Them

A tangible asset is one that you can touch, feel or see and you can trade. Some examples are your investments, car and house if you own them. If you neglect to do regular maintenance on your house, its value will gradually deflate…

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7 months ago

Finding Your New Identity After 60 Requires Saying Goodbye to the Old One

Most of us do not stop to reflect on how entwined our identity is with our work roles. Have you noticed how people meeting you for the first time tend to start a conversation by asking what you do? That is because it is a very useful entry to…

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1 year ago

Harnessing the Benefits of the Web to Launch Your Business After 60

Some time ago I wrote about the slippery slide to being overwhelmed when dealing with the world wide web. This time I would like to talk about the benefits as I see them, of using the web to promote your business. Read More

1 year ago

Feeling Overwhelmed and FOMO – The Downside of the World Wide Web

Few would dispute that the world wide web has revolutionized our lives. But, as with many good things, there is also a downside that requires a management strategy. Read More

1 year ago

6 Things Workers Over 60 Need to Know to Thrive in a Multi-Generational Workplace

If you choose to continue working after the official age of retirement, you stand a good chance of working in a team with Millennials and Generation X’s…

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1 year ago

Does Working in Retirement Require a Shift in Mindset?

The word “retirement” is taking on a completely different meaning in the 21st Century from what it meant in our parents’ day. Back then, retirement referred to the day you stopped work…

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2 years ago

7 Benefits of Owning a Business in Mid-Life

Increasingly, we see the 50+ generation turning their hand to running their own business. For some, it is because ageism has blocked their access to mainstream employment, but for the vast majority…

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