Marcia Smalley is a certified life coach, retirement coach, writer and teacher. She delights in helping mid-life women step confidently into their next act and design a joyous, expanded life. Marcia supports women by providing individual coaching and by conducting on-line Women’s Circles. Please visit her website at

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1 week ago

Bored with Everyday Life? 5 Easy and Fun Ideas to Get Your Sparkle Back After 60

Most of us feel grateful. We’ve come far and lived long. Yet all of us are human. So even amidst all that gratitude, we can occasionally feel antsy. Restless. I daresay, bored. Although now in our 60s, we can morph into those blasé children we were when…

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2 weeks ago

3 Reasons Why You Can Stop Setting Goals

I rarely set goals anymore. Not that there’s anything wrong with them. If you want to learn Italian or climb Mt. Everest, you can certainly set goals to do those things. It’s just that the concept of a “goal” feels limiting. What if, by focusing on…

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1 month ago

How Even a Simple Getaway Can Bring a Welcome Shift

Leaving the neighborhood felt momentous. In 15 months, we’d ventured beyond our city limits once, to an AirBnB in the local mountains where we’d brought our own food, avoided almost everyone, and wandered outdoor trails…

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2 months ago

Who Are the Heroines That Changed Your Life?

Superheroes don’t always wear capes. Neither do super heroines. Just after Mother’s Day, my virtual Women’s Circle CAFE group devoted an hour to talking about the heroines who changed our lives. And there wasn’t a cape to be found…

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3 months ago

3 Things That Are Too Much To Ask Of A Newly Retired Boomer Woman

I’m a Boomer woman who took The Retirement Leap, leaving a career behind to embrace life after work. I’ve talked with many Boomer women who are doing the same. We know how lucky we are; not everyone is in a position to exit full-time work…

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4 months ago

Forget Downsizing! There’s an Upside to Upsizing After 60

Is it true that downsizing is a natural part of aging? If so, I’m in trouble. My husband and I just moved into the house we designed, situated on five acres of rural property. It’s the largest space I’ve ever lived in. We chose to go bigger…

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5 months ago

When a Book Club Turns into Something More

A lot has been written about friendship in our 50s, 60s, and beyond. I’ve written articles about it, too. Whether we’re welcoming new friends or faithfully committing to the ones we have, women understand the benefits…

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7 months ago

Will 2021 Be the Year of the Older Woman?

The start of the year is a popular time to reflect. So, I’m inclined to be a little philosophical as we greet 2021 while pulling ourselves out of the abyss of the past year and catching our collective breath. I know there’s nothing…

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7 months ago

How Will You Nourish Yourself This Year?

Our life choices either deplete us or nourish us. They affect us physically, emotionally and spiritually, usually all at the same time. We can feel our choices down to the bone, in our gut and around our heart space. Our bodies speak to us…

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9 months ago

Pandemic Puppy Wisdom: Lessons from an Unexpected Source

We knew what bringing home a puppy means because we’d done it before. (And that time we had brought home two!) We had no illusions: puppies are a lot of work, they demand most of your time, it won’t be easy…

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