Jane Sawyer writes about aging, retirement, business and careers. After leaving higher education, executive outplacement, and her chemo hat/scarf business, she wrote profiles about seniors living healthy, active lifestyles for the Successful Aging newsletter at the UC San Diego Center for Healthy Aging, as well as for her new blog, AgingwithPassion.com.

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2 days ago

Considering Relocation in Retirement? Know Your Preferences, Do Your Research and Make Your Plan

We’ve heard retirement referred to as the “golden years,” the “autumn in life,” or the “third act,” and ideal lifestyles ranging from active to passive and energetic to idle. Destinations abroad await some, while tango lessons, writing memoirs, pickleball…

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3 weeks ago

What Should I Do? Confessions from an Overthinker

If I had a dollar for every time a question or second thought occurred to me, I would assuredly be a billionaire! Overthinking next steps or actions is an all-too-familiar pattern for me and without realizing it, I will consider if it’s the right time to do…

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