Carol Marak founded the Elder Orphan Facebook Group and She’s an experienced family caregiver who focuses her efforts on solo agers. Carol believes the act of giving care puts primary caregivers at risk of aging alone. Follow Carol on and enjoy her Live events on smart aging topics.

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1 month ago

What’s Possible in Your Future? How a 60+ Woman Sees the World

As you age, how do you see your retirement years playing out? As a time to settle for what you got and feeling a bit disappointed? Or do you want a more vigorous lifestyle that allows you to continue to stretch and grow?

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2 months ago

How to Locate the Best and Healthiest Places for Aging Alone

Globally, there are 604 million (plus) people in the 65 and older category. This has created a demand for research on how to live better as people move beyond the working years. Studies suggest drilling down on individual behaviors that affect the health…

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4 months ago

9 Ways Solo Agers Can Create a Care Plan that Really Works

In a previous article, Building an Aging Alone Plan, I pointed out that living alone as we get older doesn’t support optimal health. And, if we’re smart, we’re building a strategy to create support and close ties. Another common theme…

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5 months ago

Building an Aging Alone Plan – Solving the Solo Epidemic

Living alone is a luxury for single people. In my case, I relish having total privacy. It’s because I grew up sharing a bedroom with a sibling. Then, I left home for college and moved into a dorm, only to share another small room…

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6 months ago

How to Fight the Feeling of Being Alone During the Holidays (Video)

Living solo doesn’t necessarily equate to having no family members, a partner or adult children. Simply put, it means we’re alone most of the time. For many single individuals, we celebrate the holidays and special events on our own…

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10 months ago

Will Your Current Home Adapt to Your Needs as You Age?

After caring for my parents, I looked long and hard at my lifestyle. I knew urgent changes weren’t necessary, but carefully assessing my situation made me feel in control of the future…

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11 months ago

How to Plan Your Elderly Care if You Don’t Have Children or a Spouse

One question that many people ask themselves as they get a little older is, “Who will care for me when I’m old?” People with children do not want to be a burden – and they didn’t have a family for the sake of being taken care…

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2 years ago

Are You Aging Alone? Here’s How to Find a Home You Can Really Love!

Several years ago, I launched an aging alone Facebook group. Members bring up hot topics like affordable housing and medical care, transportation concerns, and countering isolation. Housing ranks the number one challenge for people over 60…

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3 years ago

Approaching Retirement Alone? 3 Strategies to Stay Social, Happy and Healthy

Financial matters are the top concern for most women 60 and over. Members of my community more often than any other issue, say money and outliving their finances is their main worry…

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3 years ago

How Senior Women Aging Alone Can Find Support Networks

Our motive to create a support system extends beyond the need for social connection and to avoid loneliness. Many women, especially those of us without an immediate family, are at risk of isolation and spending too much time alone…

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