For more than three years, Pamela Lamp has explored one new thing – every single day. At, she writes about these discoveries and the wonderful people, places, and things in our world. A book, beach, and animal person, Pam lives in Nashville with her husband.

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1 day ago

5 Books to Close Out Summer

As summer winds down and kids head back to school, I remember the days I’d prepare for my new grade. I loved covering my textbooks with brown paper, organizing my pencil case, arranging outfit combinations, and labeling my folders…

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4 weeks ago

5 Beach-ish Reads for the Summer

I don’t know about your part of the world, but it is HOT where I live. I want everything else around me to be lighter, cooler, and more relaxed. My clothes, our dinners, the sheets on my bed. And the books I read…

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2 months ago

5 Summer Reading Picks

Growing up in the Midwest, I spent summer mornings playing outside with the neighbor kids. We’d break up and go home to lunch, where our moms served us Kool-Aid (red!) and bologna sandwiches and potato chips straight from the jumbo…

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3 months ago

5 Books to Read in May and Early June (VIDEO)

When my kids were younger, the month of May was crazy busy. Baseball games, graduations, and school calendars crammed with year-end events. Nowadays, I love May’s quiet, longer days. Dinners on the patio with farm stand produce….

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4 months ago

A Roundup of Great Books to Read

I’ve read some good books this month. If you celebrate Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, you may find one on this list to gift. Or hint for someone to give you! This roundup includes a mix of genres – fiction, historical fiction, mystery, non-fiction…

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5 months ago

Fly Into Spring with These 6 Books

Our world is opening, and people are traveling again. Some may choose to hop on a plane, train, or bus and explore new territory. Others might decide to stay home, pour a cup of tea, and plop on the couch. Because, whether we want to visit…

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6 months ago

Reading Options When Sight Is an Issue

Thanks to an issue with my right eye, I struggle to read an actual book. As problems go, it’s a tiny one. It’s also solvable. I read newspapers and magazines on a tablet. For books, I rely on my trusty Kindle. With both devices, I can adjust the font size…

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7 months ago

6 Novels to Pique Your Curiosity

Many pooh-pooh fiction. But I beg to differ. While I do enjoy the occasional light, fluffy read, I tend to gravitate toward fiction where history and information intertwine with an entertaining story. A beloved college professor once said to me…

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7 months ago

Worry Too Much? How My Experience with Journaling Really Helped

As he leaned against the door of a New York City subway train, my adult son fainted. Like a giant redwood tree, he toppled over, his head crashing against the edge of a hard plastic seat. Out cold, he lay on the filthy floor, blood gushing from his eye…

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8 months ago

Five Books to Kick Off 2022

Many of my friends make book-reading resolutions each year. They might set up a personal Reading Challenge on Goodreads, a free book recommendation site. Bookworms decide how many books they’d like to read in the next 365…

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