Sarah Purcell is a mother, wife, yogi, Pilates teacher, business woman, and lifelong learner. Sarah's journey through menopause has guided her to support women across the globe with healthy and empowered aging.

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4 weeks ago

These 5 Nonfiction Books Answer Many Health Questions

I am excited to share my thoughts about each of my current must read nonfiction books. Yes, you read that right – I am excited about nonfiction books. I think we are living in a fascinating time where scientific research is helping humans…

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2 months ago

If Your Lower Back Aches, You Might Be Sitting Too Much (VIDEO)

I would like to address an issue three of our readers wrote to me about, which they all have in common. They all struggle with low back pain, and when I asked some questions, I discovered each of them sits a lot. As we get older, we tend…

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3 months ago

What We Need to Know About Posture and Osteoporosis Exercise After 60 (VIDEO)

I often get asked about posture and osteoporosis exercises when we’re past menopause. Of course, things are highly individual when it comes to lifting weights or correcting your posture. Here are my answers to many burning questions…

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6 months ago

Do You Know WHY Breathing Is a Key Factor in Your Wellness?

I think of breathing in two different ways, after we acknowledge that breathing is mandatory for life and air always enters into the lungs. #1: I use breath in a way that helps me to harness my reflexive core in exercise or to manage load…

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7 months ago

Shoes Are So Much More Important to Your Health Than You May Realize (VIDEO)

This is indeed a blog about wearing minimalist shoes. But I want to disclose up front that I do still wear pretty shoes with heels for fancy occasions. I admit that this is not an optimal strategy for my feet and my alignment. It is a bit like having an occasional cigarette…

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11 months ago

Answering 6 Questions on Strength Training as an Aging Well Strategy

I reversed my own osteoporosis with a combination of important elements like good sleep, whole-food nutrition, improved gut health, and weightlifting, as well as walking with a weighted vest. Over the last few years, I have used my…

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1 year ago

Surprisingly Effective Chair Exercise for Your Arms and Core (VIDEO)

Are you concerned about how to exercise if you have poor balance or cannot get up and down from the floor easily? This article offers some exercise solutions for you! To prevent muscle atrophy as we age, it is important…

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2 years ago

5 Simple Exercises to Help You Increase Your Back Strength Without Hurting Your Back (Video)

Have you ever been told that your aches and pains can be fixed by strengthening your core? Did you try to do a bunch of abdominal exercises as a solution for low back pain? Although the two solutions…

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2 years ago

Strength Versus Stretch – Is This the Right Question?

Traditionally, many trainers and movement teachers have considered strengthening and stretching to be opposites. But I would like to tell you why they are not, and how reframing your thinking will support you in more well-rounded…

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3 years ago

Choosing Minimal Footwear (30+ Options)

I wrote last month about how important your feet and shoes are to your alignment and bone density as well as your ability to reduce or eliminate foot, knee and ankle pain. One of the things that I always advise people to do is to take things…

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