Debbie Hensleigh is a serial entrepreneur and business coach who is intent on living life on purpose. She is a speaker, writer and leads workshops on intentionally designing your best ThirdThird, from ages 60 to 90. Building on the FirstThird (learning years) and the SecondThird (earning years), the ThirdThird can be the best Third. Please visit Debbie’s website here

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1 month ago

What You Might Not Know About Diabetes Prevention

Of course, I said YES! when I was asked by the Wellness Director of our local YMCA if I might be interested in training to be a lifestyle coach for a new program they are going to offer. It’s one on Diabetes Prevention. Knowing that I have facilitated…

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2 months ago

Do You Know Who You Are Today? Take Time to Recognize Your 60-Something Self

The story we are telling ourselves is crucial to living our ThirdThird, ages 60-90, with grace and purpose. Recently, I experienced a short period of being uncharacteristically melancholic. I am usually the one who is confident. and optimistic…

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3 months ago

7 Small Steps to a Happier, Healthier Life After 60

Do you feel like you need a life-lift? Do you think that if a few things in your life would change you’d face each day with more hope and joy? It does seem that after 60 some changes happen fast – like aches and sagging skin and the development of cataracts…

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3 months ago

Growing into My Love for Gardening

I married a bona fide farm boy/nature lover. When I met Dave, he was a grad student in the biology department, and he was teaching Botany. He has always planted things. I love that he has planted trees anywhere we have lived and especially that he is…

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4 months ago

The Positives of Subtraction: Behaviors to Keep Post-Covid

We are entering a gradual post-pandemic period. Over the past year and two months, there are a number of subtractions I have made that have been positive. Going forward, I would like to hold on to the positive subtractions that came about…

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6 months ago

8 Simple Pleasures to Enjoy After 60 (#6 Will Surprise You!)

It seems that I have grown to be very satisfied. There isn’t much that I need or even want beyond what I have or can procure easily at this point of my life. I was glad to be reminded of this when I benevolently agreed to listen to the sales pitch of a young man last week…

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8 months ago

5 Kitchen Tools That Are Fun to Use and Make Meal Preparation Simpler

What have I been doing during the pandemic? Well, among other things, I have been adding to my kitchen tools. When I was young and raising a family on limited funds, I didn’t have many extras in terms of kitchen tools…

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9 months ago

9 Ideas for Managing Dark Days

Now that the holidays are over, there is no getting around the fact that there is still a long winter to get through. Even in a pandemic, planning for holidays was a distraction from the fact that we are mostly still stuck at home…

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11 months ago

5 Ways Volunteering Makes Me Better

I’ve tried volunteering at a number of different organizations over the past few years. It has taken some trial and error to find a mutually rewarding spot for my efforts. Right now, I am happily giving some time to two organizations…

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12 months ago

6 Words You Must Not Say

Long ago, a friend told me her fiancé had given her a huge gift. He was multi-lingual and had many dictionaries. He told her he went through every one of them and removed the word “divorce.” Removed…

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